Top 10 Gripping Facts about Women in Prison

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6. Women in labour


Incarcerated women, among all other turmoil they face in prisons, are the worst treated when they are in their labour and giving birth to a child. A woman needs utmost care and concern during this crucial time of her being, yet various states in the US can just shackle them down without showing any concern for their trouble and pain. Though now, this act has been condemned by various health and human rights organizations as this activity is insane and inhuman, because it inflicts many problems for the mother, child and the physician.

7. Death row


Very few women are sentenced for a death row, the last one being Ethel Rosenberg who was convicted with her husband on charges of treason for running a spy ring in 1953. Among all the death rows given to prisoners, less than two percent of them go to women, with the most infamous death row been given to a prostitute named Aileen Wuornos who was charged on murdering seven men in one year between 1989 and 1990.

8. Children lose mothers forever


Most of the women convicted for crimes get jailed in prisons for at least 36 months, which makes it difficult for them to take care of their new born or young kids for a long time. Due to this, most of the children are given away under foster care, and who most likely would never see their mothers ever again. The federal Adoption and Safe Families Act of 1997 has a clause which terminates parental right to children who have been under foster care for 15 to 22 months, and thus leave them free of adoption. Families are lost, because children can do without anything but a mother.

9. The rising incarceration rate


The prisons for women first could just be counted on one’s fingertips, but today, the crimes committed by women have exploded greatly and increased rapidly over the years, the highest being in United States. The States has seen the number of women criminals rising largely over the years, due to which there have now been established millions of prisons for women, who are jailed for various reasons such as drug possession, prostitution and for murdering their male counterparts.

10. The First Women Prisons


Initially, women prisoners were jailed and locked up in a separate section or area allotted in the men’s prisoner ward. But United Sates gave the first women’s facility, the Indiana Women’s Prison in 1869. Later, the Federal Industrial Institution for Women was built in Alderson, West Virginia, which opened on April 30, 1927. The main aim of these prisons was not to punish the criminals but to help them lead and reform their life into better ones, as most of these female prisoners had fallen in the trap of drugs and alcohol.

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