Top 10 Incredibly Spooky Things

We are surrounded with mysterious and even mysterious objects around us. All of us definitely get spooked by haunted house and ghost stories, which are very normal to send you the chills down your spine. Possess houses and people have been a legacy of horror stories which are bound to spook people and get them horrified with their unexplainable and mysterious explanations and happening. Yet, there are some things or rather objects which people believe to have been cursed, possessed or haunted by demons, ghosts or evil spirits. Surprisingly, not many of us are aware of these spooky things considered be mysterious and haunted are possessed in nature, because for one, they exist in just one of its kind, and second that they are obviously not popular among people because of the spooky stories they have behind them. these creepy objects also hold a lot of value to them in monetary terms, yet no one dare take and own them as they are believed to have been cursed and possessed, and thus bring bad luck or get horrifying things to the person who are in possession of these things. Here is a list of the top 10 incredibly spooky things existing in the world, with even creepier stories behind them.

1. The Haunted Mirror


The Myrtles Plantation in Louisiana has one of the creepiest stories haunting in its plantations every night. In 1817, Sara Mathilda moved in this inherited plantation with her husband Clark Woodruff and their three children. Clark got a slave along with him named Chloe. One day when Clark found Chloe eavesdropping in their personal conversations, he cut off her ear due to which Chloe began using a green turban to cover it up. In order to win her master’s trust back, she spiked his eldest daughter’s birthday cake with oleander leaver which was poisonous in nature. Because she knew the remedy and cure for it, when the family members fell sick due to this plant, she would cure them and bring them healthy back to life. Yet one unfortunate day, Chloe’s remedies went wrong causing the death of the mother and the children. When a distressed Chloe confessed the same to her fellow slaves, they hanged her to death and threw her body into the Mississippi river. There is one famous saying which goes that when a amily member dies, all the mirrors in the house must be covered up so that the souls of the deceased would pass on to the next world and not get trapped in a reflection of this world, which was exactly what happened. When the mother and the children died, all the mirrors were covered except for one, in which the soul and spirits of the dead mother and children still reside.

2. Annabelle The Possessed Doll


Annabelle, The Possessed Doll was believed to have been possessed with the spirit of a seven year old girl, Annabelle Higgins who was murdered. This doll was bought by a mother for her daughter, Donna in 1970. As soon as the doll stepped in the house, weird happenings begun in the house where sometimes Donna would see her moving around the house, and would at times find her seated in a different place than in the location she had left Annabelle. When Donna and her friend realized that it was possessed by the evil spirit of a seven year old girl, they preferred to keep the doll even then after being warned by another friend, Lou. And a day came when Lou was attacked by an unseen force in Donna’s room, leaving him with seven claw marks on his chest. Ed and Lorraine Warren, the investigators then removed the Doll and it now resides in the Warren Occult Museum in Connecticut. This doll is still seen growling at visitors sometimes, and at times is spotted moving around randomly.

3. The Haunted Wedding Dress


Anna Baker was the daughter of the rich iron magnate of the Blair County, Elias Baker during the 1800’s. Anna Baker got everything one would want in her lifetime given by her rich father, except true love. She unfortunately had fallen in love with a handsome yet low paid iron worker who was employed under her father, which naturally enraged her father. The furious dad did not allow her to marry the man of her choice, which left Anna to the decision of leading the rest of her life as a spinster and she died a spinster. She never got to wear her beautiful wedding dress which she had chosen with her mother. This dress is on display at the Blair Country Historical Museum in the Baker Mansion, where some people have seen the dress sway from side to side, making people believe that the ghost of Anna was admiring herself in the dress in front of the mirror, the wedding dress which belonged to her but she never got the chance to wear.

4. The Chair of Death


The Baleroy Mansion in Pennsylvania was built in 1911 and holds various paranormal stories behind it, most of them related to its Blue Room and the Chair of Death. George Meade Easby was the last occupant of this mansion, who claimed to have seen mysterious happenings in the house, also seeing the ghost of his brother, his mother and the Founding Father of the mansion Thomas Jefferson. The Chair of Death supposedly belonged to Napoleon Bonaparte once at a point of time, and is believed to be possessed or haunted by the ghost of Spectral Amelia. The belief goes that whenever Amelia is around in the room, a blue mist forms and anyone who sits in the chair in her presence perishes suddenly and dies in unexplained circumstances. Till date, four people took the courage to sit on the chair and they naturally expired.

5. Screaming Skull of Burton Agnes Hall


This Screaming Skull comes from the Burton Agnes Hall in East Yorkshire, which was built by Sir Henry Griffiths and his sister during the rule of Queen Elizabeth I. During the construction, one of Henry’s sisters was stabbed and murdered by an unknown. Her other sisters had promised to never remove her head from her body before she passed on, but they had buried her intact after her death. Later, there were sounds of screaming and moaning heard in the hall, which made the sisters revisit the burial ground to see that the head was already dislocated from the body. They shifted the skull and placed it in the half which ceased the moaning and sounds. When Sir Henry and his sisters eventually died, every time the new occupants tried to shift and move the skull out of the hall, the paintings would fall off the walls and the building would tremble, which made one of the descendants to agree upon placing the skull in the halls behind the walls, and it still remains there.

6. The Possessed Bunk beds


The possessed bunk beds had started off their story and curse in 1987 in Wisconsin when Alan and Debby Tallman had purchased them from a second hand shop. The moment the bunk beds were brought to the bedroom upstairs, a series of unpleasant activities begun happening in the house. The children of the house became hill, and the radio switched stations randomly without anyone operating anything. The children had also claimed to have seen a witch when they slept on those bunk beds for the first and of course the last time. Even after getting a pastor in to manage things, nothing changed which finally led the Tallmans to set fire and burn the bunk beds at last.

7. The Cursed Painting


A mass produced print of a Bruno Amadio painting, the Crying Boy is one creepy painting you would want to avoid in your houses. Popular in the British Isles during the 1950’s, a fire fighter had claimed to have been to a number of households which were burnt with fire, and in every such unfortunate scene everything had burnt down except for this painting. This painting remained safe or rather untouched by anything when everything else around it was lit up on fire. Since then people have refrained from purchasing this painting for their houses in fear of igniting a fire in their households as well.

8. Valentino’s Ring


This ring is known to have a deadly curse on it, beginning with Rudolph Valentino who bought this ring with the gem known as Tiger’s Eye embedded on it. After he wore this ring, Valentino’s movie bombed at box office and he eventually died within six years due to ulcer. After him, it was his lover Pola Negri who wore the ring and she also met with the ill fate of falling sick and faced a severe downfall in her career which remained unrecovered. The actor who was hired to play Valentino in a biopic play based on his life, Russ Columbo had also worn the ring and was killed in a shooting accident later. The well known gangster Joe Casino had refused to wear thing ring for long, but when he did, he unfortunate met with his death due to a motoring accident. This curse never seemed to stop and continued to kill many, but the whereabouts of the ring is unknown, leaving a question as to who is next?

9. The Conjure Chest


The Conjure Chest now rests in the Kentucky History Museum in Frankfort. According to legends, Jacob Cooley had ordered his African American slave Hosea to build a chest for his first child. When Hosea built this chest 150 years back, his master was displeased with the work and had beaten the slave to death. The other slaves who were Hosea’s friends vowed to avenge his death and sprinkled a few drops of owl’s blood in the chest, and had the chest cursed by a conjure man. Mysteriously, the master’s first born child died during infancy and 17 more deaths are associated with this chest, the curse of which was broken later by a conjure woman.

10. The Ghost Cane


The Ghost Cane made its first appearance on eBay where Mary Anderson had put it up on sale for $65,000. Apparently, her six year old son was scared and terrified of his grandfather’s ghost roaming in the house, which was due to the presence of this particular cane. To help her son get rid of his fears, Mary Anderson put this cane up for sale which reached 132 bids.

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