Top 10 Infamous UFO Sightings with Unbelievably Simple Explanations

Many people across the globe claim to have seen or spotted Unidentified Flying Objects, or UFO’s, but no substantial scientific reason has still paid it off. Our universe is extremely vast, so there are undoubtedly high chances that there are other life forms other than ours existing in other galaxies or parts of universe. The way we live and our life exists in the White Galaxy, there could be a possibility of alien forces staying outside this galaxy, who now or then keep paying a visit to our planet. A lot of people along with scientists have at times justified their observance of a UFO flying around in the sky with lights gleaming down on earth, yet there have been some mysterious UFO sightings which were later identified that they were not UFOs but other things with simple and stupid exp0lanations. There were many instances where people felt that they spotted a UFO flying in the sky but the truth and the reason behind it was actually lot simpler and not even scientific in a lot of cases. Just to believe that UFO sightings are very rare and not every person down on earth comes across to witness such incidents, that still wouldn’t stop us or a lot of people around the world from believing the fact that UFO do exist and that an alien force does live by in this vast universe of ours. Here is a list of the top 10 infamous UFO sightings but which actually gave out some simple explanations for their existence.

1. The Washington Invasion


In 1952, Washington D.C. became the first city to be invaded by aliens when city air traffic controllers noticed some weird blips on their radar screens, which were confirmed by a pilot who claimed to have seen six bright lights streaking across the sky. A week later, the weird blips again made appearances and the pilot reported that the streaking lights flew away from them. But the belief was thrown out of the window by many as the truth most possible was temperature inversions where a layer of cold air trapped under a layer of warm air turned up on radar screens causing disturbances. The layers can also create illusions as the moisture trapped in between these layers are capable of reflecting ground lights back to the pilots, thus explaining and stating that it was not an alien invasion but some moisture trapped temperature inversion seen by the pilots.

2. The World War II Foo Fighters


During the World War II, pilots who went bombing over Europe noticed strange glowing balls in the skies, and were given the name of Foo Fighters and assumed that they were some sort of a new Nazi weapon. But in reality, the streaking balls could possible and mostly be a form of lightning that appears as a small glowing ball in the sky. This type of lightning was even spotted earlier going back and forth at bizarre and strange altitudes in the sky.

3. The Nuremberg Battle


In 1561, the Nuremberg residents became witness to a recording on a woodcut where strange balls and rods of the colour of blood were seen battling it out in the sky, as if some kind of alien invasion or battle were to take place. Hans Glaser recorded in an infamous woodcut, but woodcuts are not the same as photographs. Woodcuts added things to photographs based on medieval and religious inferences, which made the whole scene, look very different from what it was in reality. If one would focus only in the test of woodcut, one would notice that the battle sounded like someone describing a sun dog which was caused by ice crystals reflecting the sun in the upper atmosphere, spicing up the photograph a bit in the hope that Glaser could sell more woodcuts.

4. The Gray Aliens


In 1964, a person named Barney Hill, under hypnosis, claimed to have encountered aliens termed as the Grays during a journey in 1961. The Grays apparently communicated with him through their eyes. Yet, a reporter of Skeptical Inquiry stated that the hypnosis was done exactly 12 days after the broadcast of the Outer Limits episode, ‘Bellero Shield’, which telecasted aliens looking very similar to what Hill described during his hypnosis. Barney Hill had also claimed that the aliens communicated with him in dialogues, one of which was exactly the same as in Bellero Shield, thus portraying the fact that it was not aliens but Hill’s own mind running on something he had seen on the television through those weeks.

5. NASA’s Mysterious Lights


NASA has been producing various videos with the mysterious lights orbiting various NASA aircrafts in low Earth orbit. Thought the NASA scientists try and portray it out to be something very normal yet believing that the mysterious lights were given out by some spacecraft filled with aliens, there was nothing that mysterious about those lights in reality. In one such case, it was found out that those lights were nothing but the government satellite catching the sunlight at a particular angle, and another case it was just ice crystals propelled into space by shuttlers or distant stars.

6. The UFO-Wind Turbine Crash


In 2009, the UK Tabloid newspaper, The Sun, ran a headline which went like ‘UFO hits Wind Turbine’ where admittedly some lights were seen in the sky in Lincolnshire and the next morning the wind turbines were seen smashed, thus making the residents and people to believe that the UFO crashed into the turbines the previous night. The following day, The Guardian published saying that the lights which were seen were one of its own journalists setting firecrackers for a birthday celebration. Moreover, the turbine company stated that the turbine bolts had become loose due to high speed, and thus resulted in the turbines disintegrating it into parts.

7. The Kentucky Goblin


In 1955, a farmhouse in Kentucky saw its residents and other people terrified of mysterious looking gigantic heads, pointed ears and glowing eyes, the bodies of whom were 100 centimeters tall. These creatures surrounded the house, thus terrifying the residents of the village into believing that it was an alien invasion. But in 2006, the Skeptical Inquirer published an article throwing this myth away saying that those gigantic head creatures with gleaming eyes were just the animal known as the Great Horned Owl, and the villagers supposedly were horrified by the birds not any alien.

8. The Ancient Astronaut Theory


The astronaut theory brings to the light the fact and belief that people thought the aliens visiting on earth were actually Gods. People began believing more in this theory through the book ‘Chariots of Gods’, written by Erich von Daniken in 1968, but apparently the substance in this book was taken from reference by H.P.Lovecraft. H.P. Lovecraft in 1912 had written ‘The Call of Cthulhu’ which emphasized on the fact that aliens were mistaken and worshipped for Gods on their visit to Earth, the cycle of alien-god stories which came to be known as Cthulhu Mythos. But the stories in these books are not formed on any archeological or scientific basics and facts but are just fiction horror stories penned down by writers.

9. The Taliban UFO


In 2014, a YouTube video was uploaded from Afghanistan showing a floating triangular object with a space weapon attacking a Taliban camp. No one really knew if it was a UFO as various newspapers ran with different stories. Later, it was found out that the object was actually a CGI lightshow designed by YouTube user Section 51. The person had found a genuine video of a Joint Direct Attack Munition, JDAM, destroying a bomb factory in the Middle East.

10. The Apollo 16 UFO


The Apollo 16 UFO recorded a six second footage showing that UFOs actually visited our moon, which recorded a flying a saucer near the lunar module. Experts later analysed the video and found out that the UFO was nothing but the module’s own external floodlight. The light portrayed some dramatic and weird shadows which made us believe in the mysterious looking creatures, but in fact the aliens in the footage were actually us.


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