Top 10 Truly Monstrous Serial Killers from around the World

There are a lot of people who behave differently and think way to distinct and differ in their thoughts and ideas from us. Where we as human beings remain compassionate towards others and the appreciate and are concerned about the lives of those near and dear, there are some people who are the least concerned with such matters, irrespective of whether the person is a close one or someone unknown. People killed for various reasons or rather murdered has been on the rise in this criminalist world of ours, where murders take place out of the blue at anytime and at any place, which guarantees you that you are obviously not safe everywhere you go. Such are the serial killers who repeatedly get involved in this act of crime and murder, and they don’t ever seem to stop. The world has given to us innumerable serial killers for us to fear and get terrified of, because some of them come with some heinous stories and deadly killings. But there are still a chosen few who are considered the most dangerous criminals of all time, such is their habit to perform a crime and murder. Here is a list of the top 10 truly monstrous serial killers we might not be aware of from around the world.

1. The Serpent


Charles Sobhraj, the half Vietnamese and half Indian killer was convicted for some heinous murders through India, Nepal, Thailand, Turkey and Iran. He considered himself no less than a superman and believed that he was not murdering but actually cleansing the world. Tourists walking along what he called as the ‘Hippie Trial’ through Asia saw this man using pills and [powders to make the targets sick and them kill them by stabbing them or burning their bodies. In a similar attempt when he tried to poison 60 French tourists staying at an Indian hotel, the tourists were saved who just suffered with diarrhea and thus this murdered then got arrested. Nicknamed as ‘The Serpent’, Sobhraj tried and was even successful in his attempts to break through the prison but now he is safely locked up behind Nepalese bars, before obviously he tried another of his methods to escape, which could be real soon.

2. The S-Bahn Murderer


Paul Orgozow was a Nazi and a terrifying killer who was known to stab and beat women to death, and then throws them off the train which went along the railway line of the S-Bahn. He was bash people in the head and throws their corpses on the railway tracks, which made it unsafe for women to travel in the train as the number travelling, were many. Efforts were made to send officers to escort them and also make the women wear some kind of a protective headgear to protect themselves from the then unknown murderer, but all went in vain. When they finally found the culprit named Paul Orgozow, he was found guilty of eight murders and was executed with guillotine.

3. The Ukranian Terminator


Anatoly Onoprienko surely claimed himself to be a killer the world would never get, probably true at that when this madman, very similar to hat Terminator did, barged into houses and killed the entire family, sparing no one. He used to pull up beside cars parked on the roads, and mostly kill and butcher all the family members inside, sometimes even burning the bodies off on fire. He used different weapons armed around him each time for a different slaughtering, and killed almost 52 people during his lifetime. When he was arrested, he behaved to be insane and that voices from outer space asked him to commit the murders and that he was possessed. It was not long before the cops found out that he was asked to behave insane b7y his lawyer, which proved no good and was given a life sentence, and he died of a heart attack in 2013.

4. The Godfather of Matamoros


Adolfo Constanzo was brought up as a follower of Palo Mayombe, an African influenced religion, but as he grew up, he took to devil worshipping and became a renowned magician and fortune teller amongst gangsters and other criminals. Because he would worship the devil, he believed in human sacrifice as well. His team of followers along with him would abduct people and sacrifice them in the name of the devil and chops their heads or genitals off, and take out their lungs and hearts from their body. In one such situation when a boy got abducted named Mark Kilroy, there was a huge sum of money of his finding and therefore the cops wet investigating this case. One of Constanzo’s followers broke and ran through a police roadblock, which helped the cops to find the missing child along with his remaining followers. But, Constanzo was hiding in a follower’s apartment and a month later when the cops found him to get him arrested, Constanzo asked one of his followers to shoot him and his lover to death.

5. The Cannibal of Muensterberg


Karl Denke, also known as Papa Denke, was surely one of a cannibal indeed. He was a popular figure in the town of Muensterberg in Germany and was also an active person in the Church and helped people in whichever way he could. He would sell jars of pickled pork, due to which no one really doubted about the buckets of blood outside his house or the weird strange smell coming off his apartment. One day, a coachman heard the screaming of a young woman. The cops on investigating found a woman in a pool of blood, and on searching further around his apartment; they found pickled bottles of human flesh and skins of human beings. Denke was arrested for committing 40 murders over a period of four years, but Denke hanged himself to death in his cell.

6. The Railroad Killer


Angel Maturino Resediz considered himself an angel who couldn’t be destroyed, and therefore went around killing people who he felt where evil in nature. He left a trial of bodies right from Texas, Florida, Illinois, Georgia, Kentucky and to California. Every time he murdered, he killed people differently using a different weapon most of the times, and justified his killings by saying that the people murdered he felt were homosexuals, pro-choice or witchcraft practitioners. He killed 14 people in total and was given a death sentence and was executed in Texas on June 27, 2006.

7. Whips and Chains


Robert Ben Rhodes was a long haul trucker with the CB handle as ‘Whips and Chains’. Rhodes had committed some horrendous and gruesome killings by tricking young women with his behaviour, and then used to tie them up, shave their head and body and tortured them with something which he had known as the rape kit which comprised needles, whips, alligator clips amongst others, and then strangled them with the help of a wire. He was caught when an Arizona cop noticed the hazard light on, and on investigating he found a naked woman shackled in his truck, along with finding some photographs of a terrified 14 year old girl and some bloody towels. He was then arrested and sentenced to life.

8. The Murderous Reporter


A Macedonian reporter named Taneski indeed was one frightful reporter when he reported inscident in his column in the newspaper regarding three women who had been brutally raped and murdered. His reports were rather too detailed for readers to read, which raised some eyebrows, as Taneski even knew the type of phone cord used to strangle the victims and rather some really close details which were hidden from the public. Detective then took charge and decided to test the reporter’s DNA and found that it matched the semen found in the body of the rape victims. He was arrested and proved guilty, but before he could serve his sentence, he committed suicide in his own cell by drowning himself in water.

9. The Sunday Morning Slasher


The Sunday Morning Slasher was another murderous name for the serial killer Carl Eugene Watts who moved to Huoston, Texasin 1981. This man was definitely strange when it came to the reasons of the murders he committed, where he stabbed, strangled and hanged some women, claiming that they had evil in their eyes, and thus also burnt their trophies to get rid of any of their evil spirits. He was arrested by the Houston DA while committing such a crime and was given a 60 year sentence. Yet, when the police became aware of the murder of Helen Dutcher been committed by him, then sentenced Watts to life imprisonment, where the killer died of prostate cancer in 2007.

10. The Suicide Webster Murderer


Internet is a platform where people come together, interact and discuss about the world as well as their personal lives, that is if they wish to. In Japan, the internet is used in a similar and strange manner where the Japanese citizens who are depressed and have no wish to live any longer, go online and start making pacts with similar people. They then meet up and kill themselves, refraining from the sad part of dying alone. This has become a catch for the horrendous serial killer Hiroshi Maeue, who started hunting such people online and tricked them into meeting him. Victims including young girls, a 14 year old boy and a college student among others, who were all bound, tied up and then murdered. The serial killer apparently suffered from paraphillic psychosexual disorder, meaning that he loved to watch people in pain and agony and couldn’t live without watching people get hurt.


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