Top 10 Reasons To Be A Social Activist

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The moment we turn on our TV sets, or flip through the newspaper, or switch on the radio or go online surfing through a social blog, all we find is a bunch of problems around the world. Whose duty is it to get a check over all this? The government? Alone? Think again, it is certainly the state’s responsibility but certainly not only their responsibility. We too need to be equal participants in bringing our societal problems under control. The people, especially the youth, and generally all age groups, need to play their individual roles in changing the society. As Mahatma Gandhi has famously said, “Be the change you want to see”, it is we people who need to take a stand for all that we want to change in our society, apart from just sitting back, criticizing the system and expecting actions. If you have that conventional approach of ‘what can we do?’ Below is a list of Ten Reasons To Be A Social Activist, that will surely help you reason out better, and get you working in the social arena.


1. Human Resource

human resources

Human resource is the most powerful and efficient resource any nation has. We all as human beings are the creators of most of the things around us. We are bestowed with the holy gift of reason and that is our greatest weapon. As human beings, apart from being our moral duty, social obligation, need of the hour, intellectual demand, it is the very fact of being human beings that calls for social activism. We are not people but resources to our nation, and with all the prospects we owe, we must not sit back, but get on our toes and take actions. Human resource is the most powerful one, and for something like a society that is nothing but a cluster of this resource, who can serve better but us to cure its countless diseases?


2. Need Of The Hour

need of the hour

The country is in a dark phase. We are going through one of the worst stages of social as well as financial status. It is therefore the need of the hour that the public pulls up their socks and get out of their homes to find out reasons for all that is affecting their well-being and the society, and work towards it. The status of woman’s safety, the corruption, the flaws of the ruling party, the innumerable scams, the cast discrimination, the fight for homosexual recognition are some of the latest situations in our country that needs mass support and assistance to improve. The fight for justice never ends, era after era, we have something or the other to fight for, every epoch has its own call for social activities. We as citizens of a country should never become dormant therefore, and participate in social activism.


3. Aware And Educated

aware and educated

With the increase in social connectivity, the era of globalization and increase in educational facilities we are now no doubts a more aware and educated lot than what our country’s people were just a decade back. With this gift of awareness and education we certainly get responsibilities, as “with power always comes responsibilities”. The strengthening of our intellects and social life therefore brings with it the obligation to contribute to the society. With this gift of education we are surely now more capable and intellectual. We have stronger opinions, awareness and exposure that will help us cement the bricks in building of a new society. Hence, we must not wait and waste these precious gems of capabilities we have and without letting anything hold us back, step in the social domain and work towards the welfare of the society. When the society will change, our own lives and the progeny will benefit too.


4. Moral Duty

moral duty

Apart from being our social responsibility it is also our basic moral duty to serve the society. For all the problems our society is facing calls for our empathy. If today a woman is raped in some neighbouring household, tomorrow it can be one from our own. If today a couple is killed for eloping away, tomorrow it can be one of our friends. If today an innocent is punished due to corruption, tomorrow we can be fighting for justice too. Isn’t it therefore a moral duty for all of us to feel empathy and support relevant social causes? Every prevailing social problem is what we must relate to, understand, and support to get justice. We all are equal holders in demanding justice and it is our shared responsibility to struggle to achieve it.


5. Social Responsibility

social responsibility

The society is a responsibility of everyone who is a part of it. Every citizen has an equal responsibility to take charge of its good and bad. To bring in a positive change in the social system is therefore a collective motive. We all must serve it together, for it is an equal obligation. Each one of us is equally responsible to participate, know, and act in the social sphere. We need to be united as a part of the society. Social activism calls for social support from each and every one in the society. The role may be considerable or little, but it is crucial and inevitable.


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