Top 10 Possibly Government Endorsed Assassination

Assassination is known to the deliberate killing of someone. Often we think that assassination is an illegal thing but this is not true. There are so many people who were assassinated legally. So here we have the list of top 10 government endorsed assassinations.


1. Operation Neptune Spear

Operation Neptune Spear

The assassination of Osama Bin Laden is the most famous assassination of world. Osama Bin Laden is a well known terrorist. He was involved in many crimes. Osama Bin Laden hid himself in the Walled-off compounds of Pakistan. He was unable to use any of the technological instruments for communication. His location could have been easily detected if he would have used instrument like smart phones for communication. Being a mastermind he made use of carrier pigeons to communicate. But his courier was identified and hence he was tracked. 79 officers, two helicopters and a number of dogs were sent to America for the assassination of Osama.


2. Assassination of Franz Ferdinand

Assassination of Franz Ferdinand

In this mission Archduke Ferdinand and his wife Sophie were assassinated. Archduke ruled the Austro-Hungarian Empire. He wanted to make some changes in the empire. These changes were not in favour of people and so their assassination was planned. Archduke Ferdinand was killed when he went to visit Sarajevo. He wanted to do some military inspection in Sarajevo. The mission was carried by nine terrorist of Serbia. Archduke and his wife were attacked many times in their journey. In spite of so many attacks Archduke reached his destination safely. But while returning to home, his driver took a wrong turn which led to the death of Ferdinand and his wife Sophie. They were killed with a pistol.


3. Operation Ogre

Operation Ogre

In 20th century Spain was ruled by many undemocratic people like Admiral Carrero Luis Blanco. His assassination was done by a terrorist organisation. Blanco was assassinated on 20th December. He was going to church by his car when he was killed. His car was blown off under a newly built tunnel when he was going to the church. After his assassination Spanish government ruled the area.


4. Operation Arthopoid

Operation Arthopoid

The main aim of this mission was to kill Reinhard Heydrich. The other names of Reinhard Heydrich were ”Hangman of Prague” and Blonde Beast. He was considered to be a very bad man and so the government issued this operation for his assassination. He was killed with the help of grenades. A lot of people died in this mission.


5. Operation Spring of Youth

Operation Spring of Youth

The Operation Spring of youth is known as the sequel of Operation Wrath of God. The act was issued to kill the three most important members of PLO. The Operation Spring of Youth was implemented in Lebanon. Around one hundred people died in this mission. Ehud Bakster and Muki Betser were the two main players of this mission. Both the leaders were accompanied by 16 officers. Kamal Advan was the main target of this mission.


6. Operation Condor

Operation Condor

Operation Condor encompassed six American nations. Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay, and Uruguay were the component of this operation. These nations together assigned many military forces for hunting and killing disloyal political people. This was a secret operation and the main aim of this operation was to build up a good relation between US and other nations.


7. Operation Wrath of God

Operation Wrath of God

In year 1972 the terrorist organisations named Palestinian Liberation Organisation and black September killed 11 athletes of Israel. This act provided the justice to those 11 athletes. Government issued the orders saying “find them and kill them”. All the members of terrorist organisation were tracked and killed. Wael Zwaiter was the leader of terrorist organisation he was killed with 11 bullets. Each bullet signified a justice for every athlete.


8. Operation Nemesis

Operation Nemesis

This operation was initiated to kill the people who were involved in Armenian Genocide. The impact of Armenian Genocide was quite huge. Many people died because of it and hence it was considered as a political crime. In 20th century the government found many people who were involved in Armenian Genocide. And so to kill those people this Operation Nemesis was endorsed. Talat Pasha was the main target of this act. His schedule and movements were tracked by the government and then he was killed. He was killed with a pistol.


9. Iran Chain Killing

Iran Chain Killing

In year 1980 government of Iran has endorsed the assassination of many people who created a problem for the government. Many journalist, poets and writers were killed in this covert operation. The murders were implemented using ninja tactics. Additionally the murders were camouflaged with the name of accident. The leader of Iran party named Dariush Fourouhar was killed in this operation. His wife named Parveneh was also killed along with him. Dariush and Parvenah were stabbed brutally. There murder was highly publicised. After stabbing them brutally the murderer tried to damage their body. He cut the head of Dariush from his body. He even removed the breast of Parvenah form her body. A government official was assigned the job of killing Dariush and his wife.


10. Mykonos Murders

Mykonos Murders

Mykonos is a Greek restaurant which is present in Berlin. The restaurant was quite famous among the political leaders because many political party meeting were arranged in the private dining of Mykonos restaurant. Fattah Abdoli, Sadegh Sharafkandi, Homayoun Ardalan and Nouri Dekhordihad were the member of political party named Iranian Kurdistan who was assassinated in this restaurant. Nouri Dekhordihad was the translator. A couple of people along with a Germen agent named Kazim Darabi were assigned to complete this job.

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