Top 10 Ways Youre Being Deceived Without Even Knowing It

There are so many things around us which we think are true as they appear. We have accepted them as it is and believe in their certainty. Among these things almost everything has become an essential part in our life and we can’t imagine our life without them. Among these things many of them are not what they appear to be or we are not getting the true picture. We have mentioned ten ways we are being deceived.


1. Facebook


Facebook has become an essential part and it is not easy to imagine a day without using Facebook. We chat, make new friends, and remain in contact with everyone and even for advertisements. Its popularity has made it an easy target for fraud people to use it for their own benefits. People send fake messages about liking the page in order to generate more likes on their page. Facebook is also used for fraud clicks from advertisers to promote their brands which have resulted in many lawsuits against it.


2. Live television

Live television

This will be a little surprise to you. Things that are said to be live television are actually not true. The main reason why things are not shown live and broadcasters keep a five to six second delay is to keep the objectionable things to be shown to the viewers. The control booth has a live broadcast and the delayed broadcast which is sent to people on their cable boxes. If something objectionable shows up the control booth can remove it and then the delayed broadcast is sent to people. So now I think you know that what you think is live on television is actually not live.


3. Oil Changes

Oil changes

You must have been told that in order to keep your vehicle in a good condition it is necessary to change the engine oil when the car has run 3,000 miles. But, this is not technically true, our cars do not need the oil changes so frequently. The car experts say that instead it is better to get the oil change when our vehicle has run 7,500 miles to keep the vehicle in a good condition and to maintain its average. It is more advisable to get your car serviced and only when it is necessary, one should get an oil change. So it is not good to hurt the environment and waste the money by unnecessarily changing the oil.


4. Sugar free products

Sugar free products

Many of us blame sugar for the obesity problem, diabetes and heart condition. But its not true, we all need sugar in any amount to get energy. The sugar free products offered by companies these days may help you to keep your diabetes in control, but you might not be aware of the fact that these sweeteners are made up some toxic materials which are more harmful to the body than consuming sugar. So if you are avoiding sugar, then start using honey or maple syrup to sweeten your dish.


5. Hard drives

Hard drives

Many times we are deceived by hard drive manufacturers. The hard drive, we buy does not have sufficient memory that we were told it has. We all know some space on hard drives is taken up by the operating system or by the software of that hard drive if it is an external hard drive. But this is not the reason why the space appears less than what we were told. Hard drive manufacturers deceive us by providing less memory space than they tell us.


6. Ovens


Now this is very interesting, how can we be deceived by oven making companies? To people who use ovens must be aware that they need to preheat the oven before cooking anything in it. It has been mentioned to preheat it at 350 degrees before baking or cooking anything in it and almost the first point in any cooking recipe is to preheat the oven at this temperature. The temperature on which we set the oven is not the actual temperature it maintains throughout. The temperature keeps fluctuating when the dish is cooked in it.


7. Radio shows

Radio shows

When we turn on radio stations we hear people giving their opinions about things that are going around us. The truth is that the people who voice their opinions are not local people, but they are paying people who are given money to say specific things. It is not true that everyone is a paid actor, but most of them are.


8. Sick notes

Sick notes

Sick notes are used by employees to show to their employer when they take sick leaves. Employers want a proof that you were actually sick when you took days off from work claiming that you are sick. But, the employers might not be aware that sick notes can be taken from doctors by paying them certain amount even if you are not sick. Employees use sick notes to deceive their employers.


9. Shampoos- lather, rinse and repeat


Many of the shampoo bottles have these instructions mentioned on them. In the olden days when people used to wash their hair in many days they needed to wash them twice to remove the dirt and the oil from their hair. But, in recent days when people use shampoos often this has become just a marketing gimmick so that their products are bought more frequently. Don’t be deceived by these instructions and wash your hair once.


10. Flight mode

Flight mode

Whenever we travel through planes we are asked to turn off our cell phones as it is considered that electronic devices can cause disturbances in the flight. But, this myth has been proven wrong and there is no harm by the cell phone signal to the plane. So if you want to play games or chat with your friends when you are on a plane you can do it.

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