10 Tips to be Good with Kids

Babies. They are God’s unique creation. Childhood, no doubt, is the best phase of our lives. As we have grown up, leaving behind those wonderful days, we all wish to go back to those days. Our rational mind knows we cannot. But what we can do is to be a wonderful part of someone else’s childhood, so that when they grow up and look back, they remember us for the little we did to make their childhood an awesome one. Kids these days are so smart and advanced, that we find it hard to match steps with them. Yet they are kids, sweet, little, innocent kids. They need special attention and care from us all the time. Not everyone has the superpower of dealing with kids, but with the points mentioned in this article, one can easily deal with a kid, even the most naughty or the most sensitive ones. But keep in mind, you have to take care of all the 10 tips mentioned below at a time. Best of luck, pals!

1. Appreciate what they are doing

appreciate kids

Kids command love from us, and attention too. So appreciate what they are doing, while obviously churning out their mistakes and carefully explaining to them what those mistakes can lead to. They feel loved and encouraged in whatever they are doing, even if it is something as simple as playing with building blocks or driving the toy car. It is very important for every living being to get that ‘push’ to do something, anything. You can be the one behind that ‘push’ to a kid. When that kid grows up and moves ahead in life, he will look back and thank you for that little appreciation and motivation you gave him, when he was casually playing.

2. Let the Child in You Come Out


We all have heard that opposites attract, right? True that! While the kids want to seem all grown up, we grownups want to turn kids around them. And this bonding just rocks! When with a kid, forget all your tensions and inhibitions and hesitation and immerse yourself in the colors of someone else’s childhood. Forget what the world will think about your madness and make that kid your best friend.

3. Do not Baby Talk


Kids these days are very smart. Once they befriend you, they hate it if you treat them like babies and baby talk with them. So do not do that. Yes, I know they are cute balls of love and it is hard to resist that baby-talking instinct we develop when we are around them. Kids like to believe that they are all grown up and it is actually fun treating them like that. Use cool college lingo and words like “buddy”, “pal” etc to address them. They will love it and will think themselves as equal to you.

4. Make Studying Sessions Fun


If in any way you are engaged with a kid’s studying process, wither as their teacher, or tuition teacher or their mentor, remember the one and only fact- kids HATE to study. We all do, don’t we? So make the studying sessions fun, so that they get to learn something by the end of it. You can enact out the parts which they are studying with funny expressions, can explain the portions to them in the form of a story so that they do not find the portions boring. You can give short breaks in between while studying and talk to them. Ask questions form you just taught and always keep a smiling face. Yes, it takes a lot, but trust me, it’s all worth it.

5. Play with Them Endlessly


Please erase the word ‘tired’ from your mind when you are with a kid. Those little creatures are like a powerhouse of energy. They play all day and once they feel friendly with you, you have to play all day long. Children love company and attention all the time, and when you are giving that to them, that too in such great amounts, they will make you their playmate. Play with them whatever they want to. The good part is you yourself will feel so refreshed that every day you will come to meet them up for another round of playing.

6. Show Interest in their Toys


Toys are the lifeline of any kid. Once they have liked you and have started loving you for your playfulness, the immediate next thing they are most likely to do is to show you their toys. Fancy cars, robots, play stations, dolls, teddies and what not? Do show interest in all that, because once you show equal interest and enthusiasm towards their toys, they feel they have got someone whom they can rely upon. With most children having working parents, they are left with their toys that make up for a large part of their world. So when they are showing you their toys, they are introducing you to a part of their little world. Respect that folks.

7. Do not Shout at them

Mother scolding her son

Kids are very sensitive. Their heart is as soft as their skin and everything they see leaves an imprint on their heart. So be very careful of your temper when you are around them. Do NOT shout at them. That will not at all serve your purpose of being good to them. There are better and more effective ways of dealing with kids and make them understand the difference between right and wrong. Be nice to them, they will love you and once they love you, they will blindly follow whatever you tell them, such submissive are their hearts.

8. Take them Out


Kids these days have become so glued to the idiot box and their play stations that they hardly get the time to go out. Be a responsible senior, take them out to the nearby park or playground. We, as kids, spent the better part of our childhood playing out with friends after coming home from school, on holidays, on long vacations. We feel it is our utmost responsibility to make kids of this generation understands the importance of sports. Well, kids obviously cannot foresee the goodness of our initiative to take them out. They will just enjoy the time outside those boring four walls of their room. Be regular on this one and the kid will love you for that.

9. Stories, Good Ones


Stories are a great way to tame kids. Remember those days when we were young and used to run to our grandparents and how they never fell short to amaze us with their never ending stock of stories? Time to clear up those long accumulated stock to the next generation. Kids love stories and totally adore the story tellers. You tell an interesting story to a kid, he or she immediately leaves all other ‘important’ work and cuddles up to you. You know that kid has developed an instant liking towards you. Now that’s how you roll it!

10. Chocolates, chocolates


Even we elders melt down like wax at the mere mention of ‘chocolate’, they are kids man! You can control any kid, even the monstrous kids with this wonder creation of mankind. In fact, chocolate is the first step of friendship you can offer to a child. The moment he accepts it and smiles that oh-so-innocent smile, we know it’s the beginning of a wonderful bonding and you know on the inside, you can make this monster sit quietly anytime with this piece of magic you just gave to him or her.

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