Top 10 Ways to Enjoy School Holidays

School holidays were, are and will always be fun. Not the short ones, but the long, long vacations we used to have. The summer holidays, winter holidays, the ones after the final examination, all of them were eagerly waited for throughout the year. In fact, our student life itself revolved around those holidays. Months of planning went into how we would celebrate the holidays. Friends, families, trips, parties and what not? But as technology took over in the last few years, kids nowadays do not realize the importance of holidays and how memorable they can be. We grown ups cannot go child to child explaining him or her the importance and the fun these holidays can be, hence this article. It gives you ten absolutely fun ideas to spend your holidays without an iota of technology involved. Hope you guys have fun!

1. Make a Scrapbook of All that you did


So you just had the most amazing holidays ever. Don’t you want to preserve it so that years from now when you look back, you just remember the awesome time you had? Of course you do. So click pictures of everything you do, be it the workshop, or the play you had done, the old age home, or even the homework doing phase and paste all of them in a scrapbook. Even better if you involve your friends in it and ask each of them to write short messages for you on each page. You can never ever have a better holiday than this. Agree?

2. Do up your Room Brightly


Most of us face a big problem during holidays, which is that all our friends have pre planned trips with their families. We, the unlucky ones are left back. And there is no fun in doing anything alone. Here is the savior for you. Utilize your holidays to transform your room completely into something that you have always dreamt of. Do all of it yourself and do not involve your parents. Make bright wall hangings, paintings, but funky quotes if you find them anywhere, buy fluorescent stars and moons that light up the room once the lights go off. Once your friends come back from their trips, they will not be able to recognize the room at the first place and then they will wish they had stayed back to give a makeover to their rooms too.

3. Visit an Old Age Home


Among all the fun and frolic of your holidays, do something that will make you proud of yourself. Visit an old age home near your place. Nowadays there so many that it will be tough for you to choose one. Visit with a few friends and the moment you meet the senior people, you will experience bliss like never before. They all are staying away from their home, missing their families and grandchildren. When kids like you visit, they try to find their own grandchildren in you and what follows next is unabashed and uninhibited love for you. You don’t even have to carry gifts for them, just a visit will do all the magic.

4. Explore your City


You have definitely visited all the famous spots in your city, but what about the lesser known places and lanes? I am sure there are any places in your city which you haven’t visited yet. So make sure to go out this holiday and explore your city like any other tourist. Get a map and you can go on foot or your bikes together with your friends. You will be amazed at what your city has to offer and at the end of the day come back home with smiles on your faces.

5. Do a Play


Now this is something that will keep you busy and more importantly, excited throughout your holidays. Pick any play you want to and have rehearsals throughout the holiday. The day before your school opens, enact it out to the most amazing audience one can have, families. Prepare the roles and dialogues, rehearse for days, select perfect outfits to complement the character you are playing, set up a stage, do the artwork, draw out the entire plan and lastly, invite your families to watch it. This will not only guarantee endless fun, but also enhance your skills in team work.

6. Join Workshops


We all have that one hidden passion inside us, don’t we? Some of us like to cook, some like pottery, some like baking, some like panting and the list just goes on and on. This holiday why don’t you nurture that passion a little? There are several workshops held in most cities during school holidays to help children enjoy what they love. Enroll for any of these workshops and by the end of it, make beautiful things for your loved ones. You can even use them as decorative pieces for your room.

7. Have a Theme Party Every Week


No school does not mean you will not meet your friends. You definitely go out together or have get together. Why not do something differently to make it fun? With 4-5 weeks of holiday, plan a party every week at somebody’s place and decide a theme for every party. For girls, you can keep a Cinderella theme, a Barbie theme or your favorite show’s theme and dress up and behave according to that. For boys, you can have a football theme, or Batman theme or whatever you guys like. Do not have to go and buy new dresses for the party, rather stay at home and make handcrafted props for your dress at the party. This is going to be sheer fun.

8. Go for Adventure Sports


So you have done your homework, have taken enough rest. What now? Gear up for some adrenaline rush guys. Okay buddies, you guys are still in school, do not forget that. So make sure you tag along an elder with you. Plan it with your friends beforehand as not everybody of yours hometown have that advantage. Visit the nearest spot that offers adventure sports to visitors or tourists and indulge yourself in whatever sport you want. Bungee jumping, hiking, paragliding, kayaking, scuba diving. With so many options to choose from, make sure you do not choose something that anyone in your group is afraid of. Be safe, have fun.

9. Sleep, Sleep, Sleep

sleeping baby yawning

Wondering why you should sleep your way through holidays? No, you shouldn’t. That’s why after getting your homework done non-stop for 2-3 days, you will get tired and puffy eyes, which you surely do not want, do you? So sleep a lot for the first few days. That will re-energize you and prep you up for a fun filled holiday ahead. Rest is important for your body and the more you neglect it, the less fun you have.

10. Do your Homework as Soon as Possible


Homework take the fun out of anything, we know that. But these are something we cannot avoid as well. So the only solution to get rid of them is to do them, as quick as possible. As soon as your holidays start, make sure to sit with them for the first 2-3 days and keep doing them until it is completed. That way you will have plenty of time left for your fun filled moments and you do not have to worry about your homework anymore. Do not leave out the homework till the last moment, as that would mean your mind will be pre occupied with thought of the monstrous homework and the fun will just decrease by half.

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