Top 10 Most Weird and Bizarre Festivals around the World

In culturally varied countries, you undoubtedly find innumerable festivals being celebrated in different states and cities, among people belonging to different races, cultures and traditions. Festivals are a sense of joy and togetherness, which are celebrated in many different and distinct ways among different types and class of people. We for sure know about a lot of festivals celebrated in different countries, though we might not physically be present in that country to derive the pleasure and enjoyment of that particular festival. There are also some festivals which one would strange, weird and bizarre, which is basically what this article is about. In many [arts of the world, there are some types of unbelievable and unimaginable kinds of festivals celebrated among people who come together once  a year to make the world witness such bizarre happening. No matter how much the story behind such strange festivals might sound a[pealing or comfortable, the festivals itself are something really different and unique to watch as they are one of its kind, celebrated nowhere else and in no other way. There are a lot of such absurd festivals being celebrated across the globe which are not aware or even heard of, but they are celebrated by common people like us in some other [part of this planet. Here is a list of the top 10 most weird and bizarre festivals celebrated around a world, which if given an opportunity should definitely not be missed out on.

1. Kanamara Matsuri

Kanamara Matsuri

The Shinto Kanamara Matsuri is yet another strange and weird Japanese festival which takes place in Kawasaki. This festival focuses on penis shaped carvings, candies and decorations to celebrate a penis-venerating shrine which was once poplar among prostitutes, who were believed to go there and pray for their protection from sexually transmitted diseases. This festival is also believed to help in easy and better deliveries, marriage and harmony between couples.

2. Cooper’s Hill Cheese Rolling and Wake

Cooper’s Hill Cheese Rolling and Wake

The Cooper’s Hill Cheese Rolling and Wake is an annual festival held at Spring Bank Holiday at Cooper’s Hill  in Cotswold region of England. This traditional event involves the rolling of a round Double Gloucester cheese and the people roll down the hill after this cheese. The first person to roll and race down to touch the line at the bottom of the hill wins the cheese.

3. Hadaka Matsuri

Hadaka Matsuri

The Hadaka Matsuri is a Japanese festival which takes place in the summer or winter and traces its origin in Okayama. During this festival, Japanese men wear nothing but a loincloth called the fundoshi, or roam completely naked. A Shinto priest throws a couple of sticks at midnight and the men must grasp it, until there is a winner. It is also believed that if the winner puts the sticks into a wooden box with rice, he is bound to be happy the whole year.

4. Monkey Buffet Festival

The Monkey Buffet Festival is annually held in Thailand, where almost 2000 kilograms worth of food and fruits are spread out for monkeys to feast on. A popular belief goes that the natives in Lopburi think that these monkeys are descendants of a monkey warrior, and therefore are known to bring good luck and fortune to people. So for this one day, these large numbers of monkey are left out to roam freely among people and have a lavish meal.

5. Cat Food Festival

Cat food festival

The Cat Food Festival is held every year in Canete, south of Lima in the month of September. Various dishes of cat meat are cooked and prepared for consumption by people. These dishes include schnitzel, huacatay and greaves. People in this festival have a popular belief among them that cat meat is actually good for treating bronchi ailments due to its aphrodisiac properties.

6. El Salto del Colacho

El Salto del Colacho

El Salto del Colacho or the Baby Jumping Festival is one of the strangest Spanish festivals the world has ever seen which takes place in the Province of Burgos. El Salto del Colacho basically means the Devil’s jump, this event sees men jumping over babies who are kept on the mattress on the floor. This festival is considered to be one of the most dangerous festivals in the world as babies below twelve months old are kept on the ground while men make huge leaps and jumps over them, without any precautions. This is known to wipe away the sins off the babies and make sure that their journey from life to death is safe and kept away from illnesses and evil spirits.

7. Festa del Cornuto

Festa del Cornuto

Festa del Cornuto or the Festival of Horns is celebrated in honour of a man who had been cheated on. This Italian festival dates its origin back to the Roman Empire, when soldiers had to leave their wives and homes to wage on battles and war. They were given a pair of horns each on their return home. Yet, when they returned, a lot of them found their wives paired with other men and felt cheated. Since then this festival has been celebrated to console such men who felt and got cheated and thus take part in large numbers, either weeping during the parade or breaking things coming their way.

8. Pamplona Bull Run

Pamplona Bull Run

As bulls are highly respected animals among the Spanish, the Bull Run is a part of the Fiesta San Fermin which takes place from July 6 to 14 every year. A group of charging bulls are released and allowed to chase men on the 800 metre road. The aim of this run is to save yourself from the dangerous bull horns which can cause immediate death of a person. This festival which is thrilling and exciting, originated in the northeastern side of Spain way back in the early era of 14th century.

9. Roswell UFO Festival

Roswell UFO Festival

The Roswell UFO incident was a report where apparently an extra terrestrial spacecraft had landed with aliens and its other occupants. The Roswell Army Air Field had also reported that a flying disk was also found at that spot in Roswell, Mexico, but the next day those reports were claimed as false, thus creating a controversial topic for people who still believe that aliens could possibly have landed there. To celebrate this controversial event, people dress up as aliens for an annual parade and attend brief speeches by alien experts and authors.

10. Turkey Testicle Festival

Turkey Testicle Festival

The Turkey Testicle Festival is the consumption of animal testicles, which are usually battered and fried. This festival mainly uses cattle testicles for cooking, and is one of the events celebrated in small towns such as Missouri, California, Huntley, Illinois, Oakdale, Montana and Olean, with the oldest testicle festival being held at Byron, Illinois. The village of Ozrem, Serbia, holds the World Testicle Cooking Championship every year in the month of September where variety of animal testicles are cooked and served.

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