Top 10 Reasons why People hate Jews

Everyone in the world knows the behavior and attitude people have towards the Jewish population from all across the globe. Wherever they go, they are never treated with respect, and because of this attitude towards them, Jews have also been expelled from staying in various developed countries in the world. The pages of history also show and tell us the unkind behavior and negative thoughts people have had towards them since time immemorial, and the same continue even today where almost everything has changed but not this negative reaction and response people have towards the Jews almost in every part of the world. This makes us wonder that if there has been so9mething wrong with the Jews since the start? Or is it plainly because of some standard and stereotypical notions people have about the Jews. Whatever it maybe, nothing really has changed for the Jewish population as they are still treated with the same unkind behavior and that would probably last for more years now. Right from the popular leader hating them and killing these Jews in huge concentration camps, one wonders what went wrong with the Jewish history and what is the kind of vibe that these Jews carry which makes people hate them ever more than what Hitler did during his time. Here are the top 10 reasons as to why Jews are still hated and despised in various parts of the world by people even today, with no hope of any changes taking place in this attitude towards them.

1. Considered Rich

Considered Rich

The one reason why Jews are hated and are despised by people is because of their rich and wealthy life and nature. The percentage of people rich is higher compared to the percentage of Jews who are poor, which definitely develops a sense of anger and jealousy among other sections of people as no one can take the fact that someone else is way better off or richer than them.

2. Jews killed Jesus

Jews killed Jesus

People believe that Jews were the ones who conspired against Jesus and made plans to get him killed and crucified at Rome, along with the Romans. Yet, the Romans are not hated but only the Jews are. Also, it is popularly known and said in the Bible that only God can take His life down and no one other than Him has the ability or the power to destroy God. So no one can rightly say that the Jews or Romans were the cause of Jesus’ death but it was the sins of humanity which led to the killing of Jesus.

3. Satan spread the hatred

Satan spread the hatred

It is believed that Satan, who is known to steal, kill and destroy, came upon Earth and convinced people to hate Jews. Therefore, Satan is one of the reasons considered for this widespread hatred and discrimination against the Jews, along with the spread of anti-Semitism. But this was basically because Jews were the Chosen Ones by God and thus the only aim of Satan was to destroy that purpose of God and disrupt the plans and wishes of God.

4. Jealousy


Jews are believed to be the Chosen Ones of God as they are known to be the offspring of Abraham, who was actually the Chosen One to make the world a better and respectable place to live in. Jews belong to the same bloodline as Isaac so the fact that they are the Chosen Ones could actually be true, springs up jealousy among other sections and religions of people, because they believe Jews cannot just claim to be the Chosen Ones of God.

5. Jewish rumours

Jewish rumours

There have been a lot of rumours around the corner about the Jews, especially the ones spread by the anti-Semites. One cannot prove the factuality or correctness of such rumours, but some of them which have spread throughout the world go like either that the Jews are the one who have infected other non-Jewish population with AIDS and other illnesses, whereas some people believe that they are the reason plague persists in the world and that the Jews have the need and wish to control anything and everything. Yet, till date no one can actually justify such rumours.

6. Considered different

Considered different

People across different nations consider Jews to be different. They believe that Jews are completely different from other sections of people belonging to different religions as they dress up very differently, eat different kind of food, possess different habits from the rest of the world and use a different language and talk in a different way. But to think about it, isn’t each one of us different in our own way?

7. Scapegoats


Since the Nazi movement began by Hitler, people have been using Jews just as scapegoats, or people to blame for everything. As Hitler had once addressed, Jews need to remain in isolation or killed as they are considered infectious. Jews were believed to be the root cause of problems in the world for whatever reason and thus people believed that they need to ousted as a population and eliminated from the world. Thus, Jews have always been classified as that section of people on whom others blame anything and everything for no factual reason.

8. Higher Values

Higher Values

Jews having higher morale and values is one of the excuses people all over the world give for hating and discriminating against the Jews. They are known to be the chosen ones by God and therefore stand for morality and moral responsibility is all situations known, which is disliked by people over the world because no one likes to be reminded to stay morally high, cultured and valued in life.

9. Stateless to Anti-Semitism

Stateless to Anti-Semitism

Jews were considered to be ‘stateless’ and a ‘rootless’ population as the Jewish people did not actually have a state of their own. They were addressed as parasites or capitalists to whichever state they migrated, and therefore were never liked due to their unknown origin and roots. Israel then later gave Jews their right, cultural freedom and politics indiscrimination. They were then stopped being called as ‘parasitic capitalists’ or ‘rootless cosmopolitans’, though the anti-Semitism continued as they were still tortured in many countries later.

10. Being over-smart

Being over-smart

One might want to think this point or fact in the context of its relevance to the Jews, as people think that Jews take themselves to be over smart and that the Jewish population thinks superior of them than any other section of people or religion. This might not actually hold true but can be dismissed of as a poor notion people have in their minds, as apparently Jews are considered inferior by Muslims who tag them as pigs and apes in some of their writings. But this widespread thought of Jews considering themselves to be over smart has led to this hatred towards them, which is completely built up and false.

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