Top 10 Fascinating Facts about Cookies

Just the aroma and smell of fresh baked cookies is enough to make a way straight in your heart. The combination of butter and sugar and various other types of cookies have surely given a boost to the bakery world, as people prefer eating cookies more than any other normal bakery product. The demand for cookies has grown so tremendously that people have come up and introduced some very different and distinct types of cookies which can be eaten by people all over the world. Right from peanut butter, chocolate chips or even Oreo, cookies are not only a favourite made for children but elder people do not mind having a bite of these sugary biscuits every now and then. The sweetness and the pleasant aroma of freshly baked cookies are just enough to increase that appetite, but not many people are aware of the vast and extensive world of cookies and the large number of such biscuits available in the world. Call it legends, history or stories, cookies do have some rather very interesting facts about themselves. Here is a list of the top 10 fascinating facts about cookies that not many people in the world are aware of.

1. Girl Scout Cookies


Little girls are found selling cookies with a handbag of cash tucked along with their belts, which actually gets unsfe for these pretty young girls. In 1975, a 9 year old girl named Marcia Trinble vanished and disappeared without any race while she was out delivering cookies in her neighborhood in Nashville, Tennessee. Her body was found a month later where evidence showed that she was sexually assaulted. The culprit was then revealed to be a 15 year old boy named Jeffrey Womack who was arrested on the base of just suspicions, until the actual killer named Jerome Barrett admitted to the crime after his DNA was tested from the crime scene. He was then sentenced to 44 years in prison.

2. Unagi Pie


Unagi Pie hails from the Hamamatsu City of Japan, which are basically cookies made of butter, garlic and crushed eel. These delicious pies are made at the Shunkado factory, and these cookies are extremely demanded and popular in the country of Japan. The cookie is advertises as ‘a snack for nights’, yet people don’t really mind munching on these garlic cookies any time of the day.

3. The Nestle Toll House


The dough used for cookies indeed needs to be very carefully made so that people don’t fall sick, the biggest evidence being the chocolate chip cookie dough found a the Nestle Toll House. The cookie dough was found to contain the bacterium E.coli 0157:H7, which hospitalized almost 25 people and sickened around 66 people in 28 states, but luckily no one died. Later the next year, Nestle again found a type of bacterium named Somanella in their chocolate chips due to which the trade of these cookies was stopped before they could enter the market.

4. Animal Crackers


Nabisco’s Barnum’s Animal Crackers have introduced various shapes and sizes of different types of cookies made in the form of animals. The concept was pretty new and unique of producing tiny little animal shaped cookies, which are not only a delight to eat but also makes the tiny cookies look attractive and appealing. These cookie animals range from bears, camels, crocodiles, tigers, lions, and more. In 2001, the koala bear was a new addition made to their collection of vegan animal crackers.

5. The Fortune Cookie Miracle


The United States Powerball in 2005 gave away lottery prizes worth $19.4 million. The shocker is that the first prize of $13.8 million was won along with four to five people getting their hands on the second prize of $100,000. Fraud was detected but an investigation revealed that the winners actually chose the selected numbers from the fortune cookies they had received which were manufactured by Wonton Food Inc. of Long Island City, NY. There was completely no fraud as none of the winners were Wonton’s employees, so people purely believe in the fortune cookie miracle.

6. Cookie Monster


Sesame Street’s Cookie Monster is a huge hit among children and cookie lovers apart, but oddly enough the Cookie Monster does not really feed on cookies of any type. The original name of the cookie monster character was actually Sid, who made a debut with his song, ‘A cookie is a Sometimes food’, making its way in the hearts of numerous cookie lovers. Yes, but the strange fact always remains that the Cookie Monster probably eats everything but cookies.

7. The $250 Cookie Recipe


Debbie Fields and her husband opened their exclusive cookie store in 1977, which sold some commendable and highly delicious types of cookies. The legend goes that a customer was completely taken aback with the taste of the cookies and she had asked for the recipe from Mrs. Fields. On asking, Fields replied back saying that the recipe would be given to her at two-fifty, which was accepted. But when the bill turned out, the customer was aghast to see a bill made for $250. Later, the story was debunked by the Fields and began selling cookies extensively by putting up their recipes on her website.

8. Famous Amos


Famous Amos is an actual person who had learnt cooking from his aunt. Serving time in the Air Force and later going on to work in William Morris Agency, Amos used to make and sell some delicious homemade chocolate cookies which became a popular hit among the masses very quickly. He opened up a store in Los Angeles in 1975 called ‘Famous Amos’ where he sold some amazingly delicious cookies but ended up being a poor businessman and sold his cookie store in 1988. Amos reconstructed himself as expected and opened ‘Uncle Wally’s Muffins’ and has been on his path of success ever since.

9. Oreo and Hydrox


Oreos are the world’s most popular cookies, so there has to be a duplicate or a replica of these tasty and amazing cookies, which was produced by a subsidiary of Kellogg. Hydrox cookies manufactured by Sunshine are cookies which look and taste very similar to the Oreo cookies, with one big advantage that Hydrox cookies are cheaper than the Oreos. Hydrox have been known to be less sweet and tangy and stays quite intact and less absorbent when you dip it in milk, coffee or sugar. The Hydrox cookies began their market in 2003 and continues to go so in a successful way even today.

10. Nabisco’s Mallomar


Nabisco’s Mallomar are delicious cookies with a cracker base and topped with marshmallows coated in melted chocolate. These cookies are mainly made and sold during the winter months, September to May, as people don’t prefer these cookies during the hot weather. The racist thing about these cookies is that they are termed or called as ‘negro’s kisses’ in European countries such as France and Denmark. In parts of Belgium, these tasty cookies are referred to as ‘negress’s breasts’.

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