Top 10 World’s Most Bizarre Beverages

Everyone needs and requires having a quick beverage when they want to pass some time with their friends or getting too stressed out with work. Beverages come in use in a lot of forms, and one would be surprised to know the large number and types of beverages that are produced and available in the world. Many countries across the globe produce and manufacture some beverages which bare exclusive to their country only and which you would find in no other place in any corner of the world. The exclusivity of such beverages’ remains within the territory of a particular country and thus restricts the knowledge and awareness of such beverages to people who belong to other countries. Some of the beverages are made out of animals, and some out of animal parts, but people claim these drinks to be delicious and refreshing. Such bizarre beverages can obviously not be sold so open in the market, and therefore they are confined to the places where they are made. Here is a list of the top 10 world’s most bizarre beverages that are available and are consumed by many.

1. Placenta-1000 and Placenta Pro


The placenta is known to provide food and high nutrition to the baby growing inside a woman’s womb, and this process of placentography has been used a base for the drink called Placenta Pro and 1000, wherein the drink helps women get rid of the depressed and weak look on their faces, making them look younger and glow with health. The Placenta 1000 is made out of the placental extract of pigs, whereas the Placenta Pro is produced from the placental extract of horses.

2. Bird’s Nest Drink


Swiftlets are known to leave behind long strands of saliva sticking to the wall of a nest after the nest has been washed and the feathers and droppings have been removed. This saliva hardens into a cement hard=woven cup, which is used to produce and manufacture a drink in the country of China. The bird’s nest is available and produced in the form of a delicious drink which have slight minerals and a sugary floral flavor, but beware of the tiny bits of bird’s nest floating around in the drink. the Bird’s Nest drink is highly popular for its qualities to increase the immune system of our body and make our skin look healthier.

3. Cow Water


The tradition of worshipping cows in India hasn’t gone too far of an idea to forget as the ‘gaujal’ or the Cow Water is known to have some highly superior quality than the other normal drinks available. Holding a deep faith in the Ayurvedic tradition, cow urine and feces could be used to help people get rid of cancer, diabetes and liver problems. The whole motive is to supply and provide the cow urine in the best of quality with all their nutritional values to the public, and at the same time ensuring that the drink doesn’t taste o smell like anything even near to urine. Apart from India, this drink is highly sold in Italy where it is extremely popular.

4. Panda Dung Tea


Tea in the poop of pandas surely is the strangest and weirdest thing one would come across, but Yanshi, a calligraphy professor at Sichuan University crossed all boundaries and made that happen under the name of Panda Ecological Tea. This bizarre idea has actually come up due to the fact that pandas are the only animals known to absorb less than 30 percent of the food nutrition and the rest 70 percent is let put in the form of waste and feces. Thus this waste is used to make Panda tea which is highly nutritious and delicious.

5. Bustup Drink


BustUp is indeed an extremely bizarre choice when it comes to drinks and beverages as it contains a plant known as a remedy for menopause related hot flashes and night sweats. The advertisement is something which is very different with a unique concept, which shows small, sagging, dull and shrunken breasts in the form of cups of various sizes, portraying the effects of growth, aging, menopause, child birth and breastfeeding. As popular as you might think this drink to be among the female population, the BustUp drink claimed of doing anything right from preventing breast cancer to tightening of the vagina.

6. Liquid Smoking


The drink Liquid Smoking launched by a Dutch manufacturer, United Drinks and Beauty Corporation, in the United Kingdom in 2008 is believed to help smokers get relived of their smoking habits from one to four hours. This drink was made to help people tolerate or cub the nicotine cravings within smokers through the help of its cravings-fighting effects from a mix of South African plant roots. This drink calms one done when a smoker feels the cravings as this drink highly energizes the body and gives a sense of relaxation. With a whole lot of criticisms pointed towards this internal company, the company shut down and does not produce this drink anymore.

7. Peruvian Frog Juice


The Lake Titicaca in Peru serves as a home for a large number of Peruvian frogs, who are killed and the juice is then extracted out of them. The frog juice known as ‘Rana y maca’ is made by killing the frog and make two incisions in the belly of the frog. The skinned frog is then liquefied with hot bean broth, honey and aloe vera. Maca is an Andean root which is believed for its strong boost to stamina and sex drive. This starchy Peruvian frog juice has been discouraged from dinking by many people in the US due to the lowering number of frogs in lakes and ponds.

8. Kimchi Soda


Ramune in Japan produces the Kimchi soda in Codd Stopper bottles which uses a glass marble and a plastic ring instead of a cap. These bubbly sodas are available in various flavours right from wasabi, kimchi, teriyaki, bubble gum, white champagne, lychee, blueberry and banana. Some of the sodas are spicy, and the others a little less spicy.

9. Rainbow Beer


Abashiri Brewery in Japan is very famous and popular for its line of differently coloured beers. This concept comes from the four different seasons in Hokkaido, which is the northernmost island in Japan. Their brightly coloured beers include the wintery Ryuhyo Draft brewed with water from the melted icebergs. The beverage’s blue colour comes from the seaweed extract. The same concept of fermented seaweed is used in another beer of their known as the Shiretoko Draft, which gives out a green hue due to the seaweed. Hamanasu Draft’s red or ruby colour comes from the hamanasu or the shore pear fruit. The Jyaga Draft is produced by using purple tomatoes, representing the fall harvest.

10. Deer Penis Wine


Deer Penis Wine is supposed to be considered and taken as an ultimate healing power by the Chinese which was banned from the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. Animal penises supposedly contain herbal ephedrine which enhances the sportspersons’ performance and helps them keep active and perform better. This bizarre beverage is also known to increase a male’s sexual drive as animal penis is believed to increase blood flow in the body, along with the flow of qi, the fundamental life force in traditional Chinese medicine. A beverage known as ‘three penis wine’ is also famous which is made of the penises of dogs, seals and deer.

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