Top 10 Interesting Justin Bieber Facts You Don’t Know

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Whether we love him or hate me, we all have heard about Justin Bieber and have probably logged onto Youtube to know what he is all about. The world is divided when it comes to Biebers, while there are a large number of teenagers who cannot help but go gaga all over this now nineteen year old; there are a significant number of people who cannot stand Beliebers and the pop star they idolize. Justin Bieber today, stands as an influential internet sensation with there being tweets by the second about this star. There is so much that we do not know about this face that is making news all over the internet. Here is a list of 10 interesting facts about Justin Drew Bieber that could help you get to know him a little better.


1. Justin Bieber can solve the Rubik’s cube in 47 seconds

Most of the cyber world obviously assumed that the teenage pop-star who writes sappy songs with little to no real meaning or soul would obviously not be much of a braniac. Of course, they are all in for a real surprise. This emerging pop artist is capable of solving a rubik’s cube in 47 seconds, leaving much of his audience astonished. There are videos of him solving the Rubik’s cube in under 47 seconds on the internet and if you find this hard to believe, you can feel free to look it up.


2. Justin Bieber has been sued for Child Support and Paternity

Amidst all that basking in fame and newfound glory, Justin Bieber also found himself at the receiving end of a lawsuit of child support and paternity. The appellant, Mariah Yeater claimed that her now three month old baby is the result of a backstage encounter with the pop star that she alleges lasted for a minute, adding insult to injury. Bieber denied these claims and called them defamatory. He even offered to undergo a DNA test to prove that he is not the father of the child. These charges were soon dropped by her.


3. He met Usher in a park

We all know about his collaboration with star artist Usher. But little do we know that Justin Bieber actually met Usher in a park. What is interesting is that Usher initially turned down the offer to collaborate with young Bieber, who at that time was free to instead consider a collaboration with famous pop artist Justin Timberlake. However, Bieber was adamant to collaborate with Usher and did not give up, he tried and waited till Usher watched his videos and saw in him the talent that today makes him quite desirable among high-pitched, squeaky, teenaged girls. That’s the story behind the collaboration that raised quite a number of eyebrows in the pop-world. Bieber has since performed with many chart topping modern day pop artists like Nicky Minaj.


4. His track ‘Baby’ is one of the most viewed music videos on YouTube

The music video of Justin Bieber’s track Baby on JustinBieberVEVO is one of the most viewed music videos with over 668 million views. The song has received a fair share of hate and love. There is a constant argument between the haters and lovers, and currently the video has over 2 million dislikes. The song has been criticized for being too puerile and immature. However, Bieber’s faithful fan-base is currently defending him on online battles where there are long threads of conversations between haters and lovers. Bieber has openly admitted that hate messages have once driven him to tears, and his track Baby happens to be one that isn’t loved very much. There have been countless parodies of the song raging from absurd to hilarious. Daniel Radcliffe went on record saying that he thought Justin Bieber was a female when he first listened to one of his songs. He claimed his ignorance in the field of pop to be the cause of his misidentification.


5. Justin Bieber has more followers on twitter than the entire population of Canada

Justin Bieber has more followers on twitter than quirk queen Lady Gaga. He has more than 3.9 million followers who faithfully retweet most of his tweets leaving twitter flooded with the two words Justin and Bieber. On January 21 2013, Justin Bieber became the most followed person on twitter, beating Lady Gaga who previously held the position. Justin Bieber’s twitter account is estimated to be worth $9,000,000. His first tweet was at 8:27 pm on May 11, 2009. He has been the trending topic numerous times over, however he was really thrilled the first time.


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