Top 10 Most Dangerous Cosmetic Items

Who does not want to look good? We all do. Women especially have the craze to look their best when they step out of their homes. There are a lot of reasons why women do that, like wooing men, making other women jealous or just for their own happiness. They spend a lot of money on becoming what they are not basically. They go to spas, salons and beauty clinics to get a new look every time. But in the rut if it they don’t realize they are harming their God given beautiful skin and in worst cases health by using such products.


1. Expired Products

Expired Products

Mostly women can’t help but stop admiring their fave shade of lipstick, or the nail paint or the mascara they have been using for more than three months. But they forget everything in the world has an expiry date. Different types of beauty products have different life lines, for example an average life cycle of a mascara is only three months. Nail paints last only 2 months. And a maximum a beauty product can survive is 10 months. So better be careful because if not in use these become a breeding ground for all sorts of bacteria and fungi and later on cause serious infections.

Cautiousness is always better than accidents.


2. False Nails

False Nails

There is not any risk as such in using false nails, generally, but using cheap acrylic plastic nails can destroy the bedding of the nail. They can also cause coming off of the real original nails. Also, in addition the nail glue which comes with these products contain high amounts of ethylene and Methyl Meta Acrylate (MMA) both known to cause respiratory problems. Over exposure to UV rays in order to fix those nails over original ones leads to skin cancer.


3. Anti-wrinkle and Anti-Acne creams

Anti-wrinkle creams

Anti Acne and Anti wrinkle creams have chemicals called Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids used in them. They have both pros and cons of using. Using the products containing these chemicals removes dead skin, tightens it and make it glow radiantly. But in the long run it may cause sore, redness, swelling, burning and skin irritation. These chemicals make skin more prone to UV Radiations and automatically open risk to skin cancer. So if you are into using these products and you cannot help but use them, try using a high SPF sunscreen along with it to reduce possible damage. And try using herbal scrubs and creams for exfoliating and not chemicals.


4. Shared Beauty Products

Shared Beauty Products

It may sound exciting or tempting to share that very lipstick of your friend’s whose shade you might be admiring for a long time now, when you accidentally forgot yours, or sharing her new volume burst mascara for a little trial session, but sharing cosmetics also count for sharing a wide range of infections. Obviously, nobody has anything written on their faces about the infections they have. And these infecting viruses can be contagious at times too. Sharing those fancy lipstick can lead to painful cold sores on your lips and sharing eye make-up can lead to much known serious conjunctivitis. If you really have to share makeup, then better wipe off the top layer and then bring them to use. And avoid using eye makeup of all.


5. Fish Pedicures

Fish Pedicures

A few months ago, fish pedicures became a raging craze amongst women. There were Fish Pedi parlors everywhere, in malls, in public places etc. People started seeing fish pedicure doctors for complains like eczema, dry crack feet or just simple pedicures in which the fish used to nibble around your feet and eat away all the dead skin. Sooner only reports were issued that this treatment is not safe at all. Imagine an HIV positive person getting this treatment done and his/her skin being eaten up by the same fish which might be treating you now? Scary enough. Although it was declared risky, people still go for it. Provided they don’t have open cuts in their feet or have not just shaved or waxed their feet/legs.


6. Lipstick


Lipsticks are being applied by womenfolk since nobody knows when. A study shows that a woman in her lifetime applies nine pounds of lipstick on her lips. A very few people know that some lipsticks can potentially cause lip cancer because of the chemicals used in them. Approximately 67 percent of the lipsticks in the market have Lead as a component used in them. Lead causes cancer as well. Look after your lush lips and better switch to more herbal organic brand of lipsticks.


7. Mascara


Bacteria have an affinity to the chemicals used in Mascara and get into the tube after every application. Also, bacteria need a moist and dark atmosphere to reproduce and these conditions are perfectly found in a mascara tube. Therefore, Mascara serves home to many types of bacteria that can get into your eyes when you apply it causing various types of major and minor infections. Minor ones are like soreness or redness in the eye, and major ones like permanent blindness. Hence, you should always keep your mascara tube in a cold and dry place where the chances of bacteria proliferation is comparatively lesser. Also, you should never apply mascara to your eyes in a moving vehicle because that way the brush can rub against your eyes and again cause infections.


8. Hair Dyes

Hair Dyes

Ever wondered what will happen if you stop using your hair dye? You obviously don’t want to look old, do you? But do you know the adverse effects of using these products in the long run? That is something more frightening than you can ever imagine. A chemical called Para Phenyline Diamine is used in hair dyes and is responsible for causing all sorts of allergies related to the dyes. PDD, the chemical is known for causing allergies as minute as skin sores or swelling or normal hair loss, but also as huge and more scarily serious conditions like permanent hairloss and even death in rare cases. It’s better to switch to herbal hair dyes than using the chemically induced ones.


9. Hair Straighteners

Hair Straighteners

A going on rage these days are the chemical rebounding sessions women are taking in order to get their hair pin straight permanently. A lot of women are getting it done and it is not a fad that it’ll pass. But there are also so many complaints coming from the people who got it done. That the new hair they are getting are frizzier than normal, scalp gets dry, and they tend to get a lot of dandruff too which they didn’t have earlier. Also, making tight ponytails after that, which is the trend these days leads to scalp tissue getting loosened up and further hair loss, a lot of it. This also leads to bad headaches. So the better thing is not to get this treatment done. You can always do it occasionally using hairdryers as they are but less harmful than re-bonding.


10. Eyeliners


Eyeliners are present since time immemorial. Even Cleopatra used eyeliner made out of lamp ire. Eyeliner is basically popular amongst women because there is a popular belief that it makes them stand out by framing their eyes in the most beautiful way ever. However, although it is snot too dangerous to use, eyeliner is very dangerous if used or applied to close to one’s eyes. Not only the fact that eyeliners are made up of harmful chemicals, but applying eyeliners too close to the corners of the eyes where tear glands are can lead to their blockage. To avoid any harm to your beautiful eyes, make sure you dont apply eyeliner too close to tear ducts and use a natural herbal kohl eyeliner instead of the chemically prepared one. Also make sure that you are replacing your eyeliner every three months because they usually expire after that period of time.

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