Top 10 Most Beautiful American Women

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6. Jennifer Anniston:


Jennifer Aniston raised to Fame with super hit sitcom “Friends” which made an international celebrity. She has won many accolades. After her success in “Friends” Jennifer acted in many blockbuster movies. Although Jennifer has turned 44, however her body gives her an illusion of being much younger. She maintains one of the best bodies in Hollywood. And yeah , her hairstyles are followed all over the world.

7. Megan Fox


Megan Fox is a 26 year old super popular beauty, who makes her way into many beautiful women lists. She has also been compared to Angelina Jolie often and is conceived as a sex symbol. Her rise to stardom happened after the transformer franchise. She has an incredible body to die for and full bosomed lips make her admirable.

8. Britney Spears


Brittney spears was the most successful female pop singer in her time around nineties. She was paid the highest in 2012, she earned 58 million annually. Her hit songs like “baby one more time” and “crazy” still make it to top of charts even today.

9. Hilary Duff


This 25 year old chubby and hot girl was born on 1987. Hilary duff rose to fame with her popular show Lizzie McGuire on Disney teen channel. After this achievement she also became a prominent entrepreneur and singer.

10. Cameron Diaz:


Cameron Diaz is a model turned actress. She success story began with the movie “The Mask”, a few other movies in which she played prominent roles are Charlie’s Angels, There is something about Mary and My Best friend’s wedding made her internationally renowned and a celebrity figure. Cameron’s beautiful sea green eyes and her well carved smile have made her admirable to many. Her perfect assets are her legs which is salient from all other actresses.

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