10 Reasons why Kids don’t like going to School

We’ve all attended that very refined institution called school once in our lifetime. No matter how much you miss your school days, you can never forget those miserable boring classes, horrifying punishments or bullying. it’s like we’re into a love-hate relationship with school. Well, with its memories, school also has its cons. Let me take you down the memory lane and tell you 10 such reasons why kids hate school.



School is not like college where the teachers hardly notice the strength of the class and never call out for attendance. Unfortunately school is somewhere where the kids are forced to go whether they like it or not. They’ve got no choice. Regularity has to be maintained. Also the parents are very strict with it. Even the silly excuses like headache and stomach-ache have become too old to work with them. The school holidays are the only time that the kids enjoy some rest.



The teacher jabbering standing on the rostrum while the students can be seen daydreaming throughout is like a typical classroom. Never-ending lectures on things like geography and history. Who can put with it? Nevertheless every kid has to deal with this kind of an experience. All the sleep that is missed out at home is completed in the boring lessons. Your eyelids seem to betray you no matter how hard you try.



School is the only place where even things like talking in the class are treated like major crimes and you’re punished or put to detention. No matter how much you try to follow the rules, you end breaking one and getting punished on daily basis. Standing outside the class, or being taken to the principal’s office is a daily errand.



This is the day that kid dreads the most throughout the year when their parents meet up with the teachers to discuss their result. All your negative points are just thrown onto your parents face and there you are standing dumbstruck fearing uttering a single word. For the teachers it’s almost like spilling the beans while you dread each word that is being spoken. You know this day ends no well, as a bashful of scolding awaits you at home too.



School is the only place where in the name of surprises you get tests. Every month there came this shock which left kids bewildered. You enter the class and you’re shocked to hear “I’ll be taking a surprise test today”. Not knowing what to write in it kids end up copying from one another or simply scoring a big zero. It simply disrupts the childhood.



Irrespective of whichever class you belong to, everyone’s fallen a prey to bullying. Haven’t we? People calling you fat, ugly, geek, the kids have to deal with it because they have to go to school. They have no choice. Therefore they are harassed by their seniors or their own classmates too. Isn’t it too much to deal with in your childhood?



There is also one or a bunch of strict teachers whom we try escaping be it in the classroom or while walking the corridor. Every school has such teachers who seem to kill you with their stern looks. The traits to look out for would be untidy school dress or English. A building with rules and regulations, punishments, and on top of that strict teachers what else can a kid ask for?



Punctuality on the part of students leads to rising up early in the morning to reach school on time. Well, who likes that? Nothing is worse than having to get up early just to catch the school bus on time. Kids have to reach the school assembly on time. In case they don’t then they have to face their questioning teachers. This very thought runs a chill down their spine which leads to them getting up right on time and rubbing off sleep form their eyes.



Schools always follow the strictest discipline which the students are compelled to follow. The endless rules and regulations are truly too much to handle. Not allowed to talk, eat or do any other thing than studying in the class was a part of some. Also the extra neat and tidy school uniform with the perfectly combed hair and not a single strand of hair out make things worse.



This very term horrifies a student. The tons of homework that the teachers force onto kids never make them like school. Even after a tiresome day at school, there is a pile of books waiting for you at your desk. Be it the math problems or the science solutions, homework has been like a certified tradition of schools. It’s like no one cares about the kids hating it, you have to do it or else you suffer.

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