BEWARE: 10 Deadliest Plants on Earth

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6. Castor Oil Plant

A.K.A: Ricinus Communis

Found In: East Africa and India


Although known for its uses, according to Guinness books of records, this plant is one of the most poisonous in the world and is regularly used for suicides. It causes a very painful attack in the body which would kill a human being. Accidents and deaths in India due to this plant has grown over the years but are still unattended. They grow in abundance near the roads, which makes it more dangerous for animals and human beings.

7. Datura

A.K.A: Angel’s Trumpet

Found In: America and North Africa


Also known as the angel’s trumpet for its trumpet like structure, Datura  is a colourful but poisonous plant more often used for suicides and murders. Consumption of this plant would put your life on risk and danger. They contain tropane alkaloids in their seed and fruit.

8. Atropa Belladonna

A.K.A: Deadly Nightshade

Found In: Europe, North Africa and West Asia


This plant with attractive black berries posses a great danger for children as it attracts them with its berries which tastes sweet. However consumption of two to five berries could be extremely dangerous. One could be killed by consumption of a single leaf of this plant. It  contains tropane alkaloids and is present in almost all parts of the plant.

9. Cicuta Douglasii

A.K.A: Western Water Hemlock

Found In: North America


Known to be grown in wet places, this ordinary looking plant can kill a living being within fifteen minutes. They contain a toxin called cicutoxin that is stored in its stems. Circuta Douglasii is the most poisonous plant found in North America. Even a small portion of it can be very lethal and dangerous. They also are one of the best animal killers as they attract animals with their small and soft structure.

10. Aconitum Napellus

A.K.A : Fuzi, Monk’s Blood

Found In: West And Central Europe


If you are planning to kill your guest on dinner (NEVER!) then this pretty looking plant should be your choice. Known for its attractive spikes and deep blue flowers, this deadly plant can kill anyone within two to six hours. They contain poisonous cardiac toxins that would kill you of dizziness and vomiting. In ancient times, this plant was used to hunt and kill animals. It was also known to be used for killing enemies and criminals. Later it was banned in Europe.


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