Top 10 Ways to Handle Rejection in Love

Rejection is happening all around us all of the time, we cannot always get what we want, be it money, job or love. At some point of our lives, we always get rejected for something. But, knowing how to deal with it, is more important, it helps you recover quickly. Love is a gesture, which everyone wants and even tries to find and get. However, most of the times people are scared of rejection. Rejection is sometimes god’s protection or I should say that it may be difficult to handle the rejection but sometimes it is for good, because you never know that what good is waiting for you outside. Here are some tips to help you move on a rejection, let them help you.

1. Acceptance


Accept the rejection as soon as possible because it is going to be that easy for you to move on. It will make you stronger and will not let rejections shake your whole life in future. It is always good to keep in mind that if this time it doesn’t worked out, it does not means that it will never work later, but it will someday in some unusual manner.

2. Be sure


Be sure that there is someone waiting for you in some part of the world. Don’t make the rejection a reason to reject love again. Your perfect match maybe the person who rejected you but may not be ready yet. Always remember that you deserve love and it is meant to be with the right person at the right time, and this was not the right time.

3. Take it as a lesson


If you were rejected for any reason and then you started feeling low on confidence and made yourself a loner than it is the worst thing you could do to you. Rejections are always for good, they always teach you some lessons about life and world. Stop making yourself miserable but accept the fact and find out the lesson hidden, and use it to learn, this is going to help you in future.

4. Future Control


Don’t let it control your future, you are its boss and you have to design it. Keep yourself going forward, dwelling on the rejections in past will make you unhappy and would not let you enjoy the present. Rejection is a part of life and a rejection will not make you a loser. It never means that you are a failure and you will never achieve anything. It is hard to forget it but avoiding it will help.

5. Re-frame Rejection


Instead of thinking that you were rejected, say that they said no. Its not only about love but anything, when you are rejected, stop feeling rejected because you never were. They only said no to a proposition you made, sometimes, we are accepted and sometimes not.

6. Release your despair constructively


Find different ways to release your despair constructively. Try writing it in a journal, poems or a song, it may feel miserable for a while, but you would understand it soon. Always be kind to yourself by telling you that you have that much courage to open your heart in front of the person whom you wanted to know everything about your emotions.

7. Do not take rejection personally


Rejection always is not because of lack of feelings for you, but it may be because of some other reasons and it never tells anything about you as a person. It may be that the other person also feels same for you but something may have been there which would be stopping him from accepting you as his partner. Rejection does not mean that you do not deserve to be happy but it is that you may deserve much better.

8. Stay friendly


When you get rejected in love, you may feel frustrated, disappointed, sad and angry, but you should stay friendly with the person. When you tell someone about your intimate feelings, it leaves you exposed in front of that person and when they reject you, it feels like betrayal. But, never forget that there is not any fault of your love interest in not feeling anything for you, thus they do not deserve a bad treatment from you.

9. Self-Confidence


Don’t ever lose your self-confidence, believe it that you are much better than you think you are. Self-confidence makes a person look more attractive, that’s a fact. Accept the situation and respect the other person’s feelings. It is obvious to feel low and people start thinking that their life is about to end now, but this is not true. Build up your self-confidence again, involve yourself in other things and search for a new opportunity. Believe me, if something is yours then it would come to you on its own.

10. Expect Both Responses


Before telling the person that you love him, expect both the responses on a 50 percent share. Don’t be so sure about any of the responses because it may make you worse later. Taking a probability count with you always work in the positive as well as negative situation. It will help you in accepting the reply and will allow you to make a different mindset instead of coping up with the situation.

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