10 Experiments to Lessen Your Faith in Humanity

We have seen tons of incidents where we see humans helping other people in terms of need and destitution. But there are numerous studies which prove the opposite of that and where the faith on humanity was put at stake. Here are the top 10 Experiments to Lessen Your Faith in Humanity.

1. We eat by our eyes:


This is the most intriguing fact that we tend to judge a food item by how it looks like. So even if we know that a particular food is good in taste, we still judge it by its appearance. This is a proved fact that a person will be inclined to eat something only if it impresses him or her when he sees that food in the platter.

2. All of us believe in fascism- authoritarianism:


When the whole world is heading towards democracy and we are supporting it whole-heartedly. The truth is little deviated from what it seems to be, all of us in deep corners of our heart are believers of hierarchy and hence, our human nature is not inclined to democracy and equality. In an experiment known as Third Wave by a teacher, he made his students arrange themselves like Nazi set-up for some days. Unfortunately, the students got so engrossed into it that it became out of control for him when this hierarchy system started overpowering their cordial relations. Finally he had to terminate this experiment.

3. Conforming can bring dismal results:


In an experiment conducted in 1966, different patterns of conforming were observed among nurses. A doctor gave instructions to the nurses to give a drug to the patient more than the prescribed usage. Some nurses followed the instructions in spite of knowing the fact but others refused to do so. This represented a paradoxical result where they are believed to show different results in response to their patient and their doctor’s instructions.

4. People can invest aimlessly to bring down their competitors:


In a famous research by psychologists in the US, it was discovered that they aim at the destruction of their opponent. It was observed that in a betting competition, the candidates focused more on investing money to bringing down the winners. It was because that they had a feeling of jealousy against each other.

5. We can lie to ourselves to maintain harmony:


In order to lessen our clashes in our mind, we tend to lie to ourselves and induce artificial feelings. If we know that we have been cheated by a person but we cannot reprimand him, then we will try to mitigate our hatred in our mind in order to avoid dissonance.

6. People can be blind to see things in front of themselves:


When our focus is shifted to somewhere else, it is proved that we cannot attend to things which happen right in front of our eyes. If someone is dying on the road and we are engrossed in playing candy crush, we can actually not notice the ailing man.

7. We tend to go with the group and not with what is “right”:


We do believe in doing the things which are “ought to be” but in reality, we tend to go with the popular opinion instead of believing our own inner voice. It is an established fact in communication sciences that people are more inclined with what their neighbours or the society believes in general and if they feel the opposite of it, they would most of the times prefer going with the flow and not speaking up against the oppression or what they think as right.

8. Intentionally running over animals on road:


Yes this is pretty shocking and will definitely infuriate our friends in PETA or other animal saving organization but according to different experiments, this is the truth. When people are driving on roads and they happen to see any animal on road, they tend to be indignant and feel that the speechless creature has violated their exclusive right to use the road and hence, to teach the animal a lesson, the people intentionally run over the innocent animals.

9. Babies are manipulative:


We have seen adult people manipulating the statements and situations for their selfish gains but this is true for the babies as well. It is an inborn instinct and infants use this for different purposes. Some children show signs of emotional distress to gain their parents’ attention. Some start crying so that their parents buy them their thing of choice. Some babies also use their tears to get more care than their siblings.

10. Rich people are rude:


The populace with more bucks in their accounts might look civilized and be assumed to be more accountable towards the society, but the reality is pretty different. They do share their wealth when they are the front-runners in making donations and getting engaged in philanthropic work. In case of daily life, they are ruder than the middle class or the poor people in the United States. In a study, the rich people make worse over-takes on the roads and drive mercilessly on crowded streets. They do not care for the children while they are on road and enjoy pleasure by giving them pain. Actually, they believe that inflicting pain upon someone is a symbol of dominance and hence, they resort to such tactics for that.

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