10 Most Beautiful Natural Lakes of the World

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6. Lake Bled 


If you ever visit Slovenia never forget to visit this serenely beautiful natural lake called as the Lake Bled which is located in Julian Alps.  Lake Bled also has the only natural island of Slovenia called Bled islands and is surrounded by lush green forests to make it more attractive. There is also a Bled Castle which is to be found above the lake which is considered as the oldest castle of Slovenia.  The lake is also famous for rowing sport and had also hosted World Rowing Championships.

7. Shangrila Lake


So the next lake on our list is the Shangrila lake located in Shangrila resort, Skardu, Pakistan. The lake which is also called the Lower Kachura Lake has an outstanding restaurant which is built on a plane which once crashed into the lake and thus the beautiful lake is undoubtedly one of the most sought tourist destinations. This lake is also known as the “Heaven on Earth” because of a tale behind it which states that the surviving passengers of the plane that crashed, were helped by Buddhists monks and were taken to a place which contains a variety of flowers and fruits and was thus like heaven.

8. Dal Lake


Dal Lake is one of the prides that India possesses and also called as the Jewel in the crown of Kashmir. The lake depicts its beauty through the natural scenery it is surrounded by.  The beautiful gardens and parks surrounding the lake were built by the Mughals. The houseboats used to roam around the lake are called Shikaras. There is also an island on the famous and beautiful Dal Lake of India where four Chinar trees are standing and that is why the island is named as Char Chinar.

9.Reed Flute Cave Lake



Number 9 on the list is one of the oldest natural lakes of the world which was believed to be discovered in 792 AD. The Reed flute cave lake located in Guilin, China is one of the favorite tourist destinations of Guilin. The lake which is estimated to be 180 million years old is provided with artificial colourful lights that increases its beauty multiple folds.  Outside the cave a special type of reed is grown which is used to make flutes and because of this reason, the lake is given the name Reed Flute Cave Lake.

10. Five Flower Lake



So the 10th amazing lake on our list is Five flower lake which is located in Jiuzhaigou Valley in southwestern China. Also called as the Wuhuha lake, it is one of the many lakes in the valley. The valley has colourful meadows with colorful leaves which are blue, dark green, light yellow in color and are gathered at the front side of the lake, hence the name of the lake. This lake is considered a holy lake with a mythological legend attributed with it. It is believed that once the God of the mountain had hurt the holy deer of the King of the Forest and when the King was chasing the God to take revenge, on his deer, then other Gods injured the deer and the holy deer then fell and became a lake which is now known as the Five Flower Lake.

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