Top 10 Things You Never Knew About The Biology Of Sex

Sex is something every person would have thought about at some point in their lives, more so in the teenage years. When libido levels are at their peak, the pubescent teens often wonder what “The Act” would actually feel like. Their curiousity sends them to illicit and exploitative websites which are uncertain sources of information, and often depict solely pornographic content. Devoid of sex education in their schools, they often resort to experimentation on their own  through means which may result in danger to their health and sex lives.

Hence it is important to highlight 10 important facts about the biology of sex, which would be unknown to most

1. Feminism in sex


The last but not the least, there is feminism even in sex! Not referring to who’s on top, this point basically implies that the sexual act is entirely based on equality. Incase you’ve ever heard a myth that women do not get aroused as fast as men, it’s entirely false! Women and men are born to reach their peak arousal in just 10 minutes. Women take time probably to be conscious of their arousal, which happens when they are almost at their peak stage. Men, on the other hand, are just more aware of their arousal., i. Hurrah for feminism!

2. The role of your immunity


If a group of males are asked the question of what attracts them the most in a female, they’d probably come up with answers like the 36-24-36 hourglass figure, long shiny hair, big eyes or even pretty eyelashes. Not even one would consider the role of the immunity system in the mating process. Your immune system actually determines your own personal scent, or your aroma. This is not due to any body spray or deodorant, simply nature’s way of describing you in a nutshell. It’s obviously unique to every individual, since every person’s immunity is different. This scent is actually what attracts your compatible partner to you, more than anything else. We find the olfactory nerves most sensitive to the smell of the most genetically diverse DNA’s. Hence, the more different two people are, the more they will be attracted to each other. Opposites attract holds very much true, even scientifically! What’s more, the more diverse the two parent’s DNA’s are, the stronger the immunity of the offspring will be.

3. Pregnancy and orgasms


A popular myth says that chances of pregnancy are nil without proper sex. But sometimes a female ends up getting pregnant before the male had even climaxed, let alone orgasmed. Even with protection! How is this possible? Very few people know that males actually release a pre-ejaculate during foreplay itself, which contains almost 40% of the sperm produced in the male body. This is more than enough to get a female pregnant, so better not take any risks.

4. Additional health benefits


Apart from the obvious benefits like reduced stress levels and balanced body hormones, sex has various additional health benefits. Sex is even known to regulate the female menstrual cycle. Contrary to popular opinion, irregular periods aren’t attributed to having sex. Menses is usually irregular only when the stress hormone  levels are high or a woman is sleep deprived or has gained weight. Sex helps regulate these by reducing the stress hormone in the female body. A survey showed that females who were exposed to male sweat were calmer and had no issues with their monthly cycle.

5. The hair and body spa treatment


The act of sex is actually nothing short of a rigorous beauty treatment by a professional in a luxurious spa. While both the male and the female enjoy themselves, the female has an added benefit of increased estrogen levels.  This hormone not just makes the female healthier-looking and more glowing, but causes the skin and hair to improve in their texture and quality as well. This is the reason we often notice a certain “aura” or glow around women who are happily married or hitched, it’s actually because they have great sex lives. It’s not just a myth!

6. Porn for animals


It is often said that the homo sapiens descended from the ape family. How strange would it be to imagine our so called “predecessors” watching pornographic content, right? It’s true! Monkeys were made the subject of a recent survey. In this survey, monkeys were given an option of choosing between snaps of female monkey bottoms and fruit juice. Monkeys chose the former! This definitely shows that the essential needs and desires vary very little from specie to specie. The lingua franca amongst all living beings is love!

7. Disgust- related feelings


No offence intended, but the people who are in search of their true soulmates often find the idea of having sex very disgusting and “icky”. On the face of it, it does seem unhealthy and unhygienic. Sex with multiple partners infact, does carry a risk of transfer of unwanted bacteria and viruses. But the disgust is eliminated once arousal comes into the picture. One is willing to do anything and everything for that truly amazing feeling of getting aroused, however disgusting or initially gross the action may seem. It’s perfectly normal to think sex is disgusting otherwise!

8. Keep track of your menstrual cycle


This point is not just to avoid the risk of pregnancy, but even to know more about a woman’s innate desires and wants. A woman is more likely to desire coitus at the time when she is ovulating. This obviously is in line with the requirements of Mother nature, which will increase the chances of the woman getting pregnant. Hence, be careful if you want to avoid the risk of rabies. Sorry, babies.

9. The duration of “The Act”


Did you think that couples really keep at it all night, making love in the most wild, passionate way possible? Well, myth busted! The mere act of sex does not even last 10 minutes. Once the guy is aroused, he cannot even think of having sex for the next 2-3 hours. The longer duration of sex is simply due to foreplay. Other kinky stuff included, ofcourse.

10. Masculinity and potency


What would be the first thing every girl would desire in a guy? A deep, husky baritone which would cause goosebumps on the skin and hyper-excitement on the phone, right? Some of you, however, may disagree after reading the rest of the explanation. Orthodox indicators of masculinity may not indicate higher testosterone levels in men. This means that even though you may find the husky-voice hunks better, they’re actually lower on potency than their high-pitched counterparts. Sperm density is much higher in the males with relatively high pitched voices. So apparently, male opera singers actually would have a better fertility rate than, say, macho male gym trainers. So, next time you squirm at a man with a girlish voice, think again!

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