Top 10 Ways to make a Girl Fall for You

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Most girls grow up watching fairytale romances with lots of guy chasing and wooing his lady love, lots of drama, crazy out of the world romantic gestures, extravagant proposals etc. You shouldn’t blame us women for our heightened expectations; it’s what we’ve seen through our formative years on television or read in books that we wish for to happen to us. We do get real as we grow up though, and we don’t expect as much from you as you’d imagine. Women don’t need exceptionally good looking men, women need men whose proclivity is higher towards understanding them instead of stereotyping them as difficult and complicated and not making an effort. Some men are blessed with the charm that automatically makes them extremely appealing to women but let’s help the rest of the love starved lot here. Here’s a list of 10 things you could do to make a girl fall for you.

1. Loyalty:


Dot not leech at other women while you’re on to one. We need you to be ours or be everyone else’s, there are no two ways about it. We essentially need that sense of security and for you to get us to trust you. If you manage to barge into our comfort zone or make us feel like home with you wherever it may be, you’ll never have to look for another woman.

2. The little gestures:


You notice the way she has done her hair, or you remember the fragrance of the cologne she wears or the first time you saw her, you remember minute details of her daily life and you make your familiarity with her life obvious, believe me she loves nothing more than that. There’s no girl in the world who wouldn’t fall for someone who is willing to shower her with overwhelming amounts of love and his undivided attention.

3. Refrain from any pick up lines:


I’m sorry but pathetic cheesy pick up lines do not work. They’re very creepy if anything. If you think asking a girl if her dad is a terrorist is eventually going to stimulate a sudden rush of love for you or will get her to even engage in a conversation with you, you’re mistaken on the number of levels you don’t know the count of. Strike a normal conversation; we like civilised people, not attention seeking goons.

4. Say what you feel:


We don’t need you to “woo” us literally. We need you to be real and say what you feel, good or bad. We wouldn’t mind if you were more considerate while picking a flaw and not be demeaning but that’s about it. We don’t want you to sugarcoat everything, only when we’re PMS-ing, then yes, we need all the sugar coating and pampering possible.

5. Don’t stereotype:


Don’t have any presumptions about her, especially because she’s a girl. Women are as capable of doing anything as men, so we don’t like to be told that we’re supposed to behave or dress in a certain way because of the gender we belong to. Respect us, and let us be. We like our freedom, and we love men who’d take a stand for it.

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