Top 12 Reasons to Learn French

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Bonjour! Je m’appelle Jihan Khan et Je suis la auteur pour cette article. Aujourd’hui, je vais parler de douze raisons d’apprendre de Français. Did all of that feel gibberish to you and did all of that go over your head? Ahh! Then, calm down as today is your chance to know why you must start learning French. For those of you, readers who didn’t understand what I said right in the beginning of the article here is a translation for you. All I said was ‘Good Morning! I am Jihan Khan and I am author of this article. Today, I will be talking about twelve reasons of learning French.’ French or ‘Français’ as the French say is language of a lot of expressions and words. English has over powered the world with its leadership in empowerment throughout the world today but French is its emerging companion as today, it is spoken and learned in plenty of countries in all continents. Knowing French gives you a lot of advantages in different fields in various approaches. For some, it is a language that is used as a status symbol of sophistication, finance, classiness and uniqueness. Having the capability to handle both English and French at the same time makes a person an asset for any company today. Let’s explore the 12 reasons to learn French.

1. Raison Numero Un: A World Renounced Language


French is spoken by almost 200 million people over a span of five continents which is about 1.1 percentage of the world’s population. All of those countries that speak in French or use it as an official language other than France are known as the Francophonie which has about 40 countries, 69 states and governments approximately. So, that is a lot of holiday destinations for you to go and use your French skills.

2. Raison Numero Deux: The Second Language


After the forecast of English as a major spoken language, French is the second most adopted second language in the world. Taking a rough consensus, French is noticed to be the only language that is though today in every country of the world alongside English. If you have a keen interest in cultural facades like music and Art then learning French will help you apprehend French Art more efficiently.

3. Raison Numero Trois: The Reputation

Speaking French can impress your friends that you have more knowledge about this new language and you know more about a different genre of music and art.

4. Raison Numero Quatre: The Job Market


In today’s globalized era of business, it becomes an added advantage for a job seeking candidate to have the ability to converse both in English and French. Having the ability to be a linguist and also have the quality to talk in French opens down grand doors of success and opportunities for approaching in French as France has the fifth biggest economy or Francophonie companies.’

5. Raison Numero Cinq: The Culture


Talk about a scope in extreme gourmet, fashion, theatrical visual arts, dance and the vintage French renaissance architecture, the first thing that comes to ones mind to relate all that together is French and it’s Platform in France. So, if you are from such a field of careers then it is an asset for you to know French. French art, French music, French architecture, French literature, French cuisine, French fashion and other likely things can be more appreciated by its adorer if they understand French as a language.

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