Top 12 Reasons to Learn French

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6. Raison Numero Six: A Wonderful Travel Experience


Think of holiday in the Europe and the first thing that pops in your mind is Paris. Now, to go to Paris won’t it be a pro to know French from before to enjoy your trip more. France has about seventy million visitors each year. Well, now that’s a lot! Isn’t it? It will be a lot of fun to know a little French while you are on your trip to France so that it can be handy for you and cause you less amount of hassles. Why just Paris? Don’t you want to go to other places for a vacation? Obviously you want too. Well now there are other places that you could go and use a little bit of French and that is in Saudi Arabia, Belgium, Africa, Canada, Switzerland, Morocco, Lebanon and other Francophonies.

7. Raison Numero Sept: A Higher Education Opportunity


A lot of us have dreams of studying aboard so, why not just apply for a scholarship to the French government for you to get admitted in one of the top French universities which are renounced worldwide. Sometimes even when you’re applying to a university in some other country and they see that you know French as an extra language then they appreciate that fact and consider you for the admission than some other candidate who just knows English. Knowing French makes you unique.

8. Raison Numero Huit: The Other Language of International Relations


To begin with, French is the official language at the European Union which is headquartered in Brussels, Strasbourg and Luxembourg. Followed by English, French is also the official, working and representing language at the UN, EU, UNESCO, NATO, Red Cross and international courts worldwide.

9. Raison Numero Neuf: Opens Up The World


Commuting in the world of social media, it has been observed that French is the third most used language over the internet right after English and German. Having the ability to understand French offers a person to see the thoughts about world issues from a different perspective perhaps a French perspective.

10. Raison Numero Dix: Fun to Learn


French is a very easy and comprehensive language to learn for both children and adults. With the promotion of French learning aids, learning French has become much more enjoyable for both children and adults. If a young child is too be thought English and French at the same time then, it is learned that children learn French much more faster than English as the rules of French grammar are easier compared to English.

11. Raison Numero Onze: A Language for Learning Other Languages


If you look at the origins of English, you will know that fifty percent of the current English word vocabulary is all come from French which means learning French gives you a good base for many Romantic languages like Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Romanian.

12. Raison Numero Douze: The Touch of Love and The Thought of Reason


French is known as an expression of Romance and Love and in modern times, it is considered to be very sexy and seductive. So, a pinch of French in your flirtations with your spouse will make you a little extra special in front of that special someone. French helps a person have deep thoughts and do a lot of critical thinking.

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