10 Cool Unique Commands You can Teach Your Dog

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Dogs are quite smart and are eager to please their owners. The smartest breed of dogs is the poodle, so it’s no wonder most circus acts used poodles. However, any dog can learn to answer to your unique commands and do as they’re told. The following list is 10 cool, unique tricks you can teach your dog. Be persistent and soon your dog will be the most obedient and cool pet you have ever had.


1. Don’t be shy


This command involves getting your dog to hide his eyes with paws or hide his face against your lap. Have you noticed that dogs don’t like you touching their noses? Well, blowing on their noses is even worse for them. What you do is blow on your dog’s nose and say the command: don’t be shy. Your dog will either move its face or hide its eyes with his paws. After performing the trick, give your dog a treat and say “good dog”. Keep repeating this procedure for a couple of days and substitute the treat with just saying “good dog” or petting it. With a certain amount of time your dog will automatically cover his eyes with his paws every time you tell him “don’t be shy”. Remember to always praise it or pet it.

2. To act crazy


Dogs sometimes like to act in a very unique crazy way when they get excited; they either jump around or run really fast in circles. When you see your dog doing this say the command: act crazy. It might take several attempts, but always reward your dog with treats or praise to motivate its behavior.


3. Cry


This one is a little harder to obtain, but when you hear your dog whining, say: cry. Praise it and give it a treat. Keep trying until it gets it and then you have a dog that cries on command.


4. High-five



Now this one gets a little tricky too, because dogs are ticklish and don’t like it when you touch their paws. With practice you can make your dog high five with you. So, extend your hand in the high five position and give the command, you may need to pet or physically make your dog high five with you.


5. Where is…. fill in the blank


This trick can come in handy for finding objects or guiding your dog towards another person. It involves saying: Where is…. and fill in the blank with any possible thing you can think of. After your dog finds the object or the person praise it and give a treat.


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