10 Cool Unique Commands You can Teach Your Dog

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6. Hide and seek


This is not a trick, but a fun cool game you can play with your dog. First, you need to throw a toy far away from where you are and because of instinct the dog will chase after it. This is your cue to hide. After the dog notices you’re missing it will begin to search for you. You can even help it by calling its name or whistling. Once your dog finds you it will be really happy, so praise him and pat him for finding you. Then, switch your hiding places.

7. Bark


Training your dog to bark follows the same exact procedure as teaching it to cry.

8. Dance

This is a fun unique way to play with your dog and it’s really easy to teach. Dogs have a tendency to reach toward your face and stand on their two back legs to do so. When your dog attempts this, use the palms of your hand and pat your dog’s paws and say the command: dance. You can move around and your dog will follow you, so it appears like you are dancing. Always remember to praise your dog or give it a treat.

9. Tell me secrets

flapping ears
Dogs are always sniffing around, so take advantage of this and place your ear near your dog’s nose. They will sniff it and say: tell me secrets. Practice this a few times with praise and treats and you will get your dog to look like he’s telling you cool secrets.

10. Kisses

Another easy, but cute command to teach your dog is to kiss you. Obviously it will lick you. Place your cheek near your dog’s mouth and ask: kiss me. After a few attempts you dog will lick you cheek and give you kisses.

The amazing thing about all these unique tricks is that if your dog wants some attention, he will perform them for you to receive praise, petting or treats. That’s pretty cool, right?

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