Top 10 Bizarre Hairstyles

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We all have fun experimenting with our hair but there are some people who take things too far and end up looking like extraterrestrial beings- and not in a good way.


1. Mullet

This one is pretty sober when compared to the rest on this list and has been associated with those who belong to the lower strata of the society. However, it was quite popular during the 80s and if you are deranged enough to try it out, have your hair cut very short in the front and leave it long from the back.


2. Liberty Spikes

Those who want to embarrass their friends and family members tend to go for this hairstyle. All you need to do is take some extra-durable gel and slap it all over your hair. Next, pull up different sections and mold them in such a way that they are thick at the base and point at the top.


3. Mohawk

This remarkably bizarre hairstyle is also known as the mowie or Mohican and was popular during the 80s as well. Those who want this hairstyle should first shave off their heads but not completely- they must leave out a section in the middle which will then be spiked up or gelled. The best part is that it is usually held up with hairspray and streaked with neon hair color.


4. Rat-tail

This hairstyle will make you look as though you are raising a tiny lizard at the back of your neck. It basically involves a long section of the hair to be left long at the nape of the neck. This was very popular in the 80s and people would braid or perm this long section.

5. Hi-top Fade

The Hi-top Fade made the individual look as though his head was a pencil and the hair, the pencil eraser. Those who had it would first shave most of their hair off and puff it up at the top.


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