10 Things Mothers Selflessly Do for their Children

          A mother is said to be sent by God to take care of all his devotees. She is the first person who the child sees when its born and the only person whose heartbeat consoles it. All mothers do is give selflessly, and all we do is take effortlessly. So this valentines day lets talk about one of the most important person in our lives, mothers, and the selfless things they do for their children.

1) Embraces The Child Before Its Born

           Let’s start from the beginning when a woman finds out she is pregnant, she takes care of herself only for the child and makes a point to talk to her child every day. She bears the pain with a smile on her face, whether its when the child kicks or its delivery time, forgetting all about it as soon as her child is placed in her hands. I don’t think its that easy to forget the pain you go through, but somehow they just do. 

Pregnant woman holding her stomach on beach

2) Sacrifice 

           From sleep to her favorite movie, a mother selflessly sacrifices everything for her child, just to see that small smile creep onto her child’s face. She sends her child out for movies and dinners while she sits home doing her daily chores, waiting for her child to return even at the latest hour. If there is less food she would feed her child and sleep hungry, without uttering a single word. She sacrifices her life for her child.

3) Disappearance Of Privacy

            Ever gotten up scared and rushed to your parents’ room? The door was always open for you wasn’t it? A mother leaves the door to her bedroom open so her child can come to her at any time, whether day or night. Ironically her child grows older and slams the door on her face when they are angry or ‘need privacy’, but a mother forgets the term ‘privacy’ when she holds her child for the first time in her hand.

4) A Constant Juggling Act 

            Mothers are the ones packing snacks before the family leaves the house, They make sure that there are enough diapers and wipes, they take children to dentists and doctors, groceries shopping and tasty foods are prepared by them, washing their children’s clothes and putting them away, along with cleaning all our messes, mothers do it all for their children, they work hard behind the scenes. Their hard work doesn’t have any privileges, not even any appreciation, but they still do all these things for their kids. A 24/7 job.   

5) Sitting Up Late Nights

            Mothers sit up till late at night when their child has a nightmare consoling them. They sit by their child all night making sure they are ok.    

6) The WWE

Mothers have a very special hidden talent, the talent of being a professional wrestler. Want to see that trait? All you need to do is bad mouth her child or pass a negative comment. A mother will always defend her child from anyone, whether it’s her family or best friend, not worrying about the outcome. She fights against the world for her child for its wants and its needs. She fights to give her child the luxuries she never had, ignoring the circumstances. Her child always comes first, but when her child grows up does she come first for him/her? 

7) Love

Mothers’ love their children, no matter how old their children are, they will always love their children like they mean the world to them. A mother’s love cannot be replaced, she shows it with the little kisses she leaves on her child’s cheek or her moving her hand lovingly over her child’s head. The times we got hurt, our mother would kiss our wounds and instantly we knew it would get better. A mother’s love is the best medicine for her child.

8) Guidance And Scoldings

             The best guidance and advice is provided by a mother. She always knows how to solve any problem and help her child walk on the correct path. She has a lot of problems of her own but she forgets everything and sets out to help her child solve its problems, but that doesn’t mean she won’t scold you for a wrongdoing. Mothers aren’t afraid of looking bad in her child’s eyes when it comes to discipline. She will scold her child and take respective measures so the child won’t repeat their mistake. Their scolding has their love and care hidden in it, they want their children to be better people even if it means to look like the bad person.

9) Confidante

              A child’s most trusted confidante is their mother. Mothers are one of the only people who keep their child’s secrets to themselves, these secrets stay with her till the end. Mothers don’t only keep secrets but also provide good and right guidance, with the guidance she provides, she determines that her child would never go on the wrong path. She plays the role of a mother and a best friend.

10) First And Last Teacher

From the birth of one till their old age, a mother is their first and last teacher. She teaches her child the way of life from its birth, holding their hands through their adolescence till their old age, leading them on the right path. She starts with teaching her child how to talk, then walking, alphabets, school work, college subject and ending with teaching them the right ways of life. She ensures her child turns out to be a good and respectful person.

Mothers only give and expect nothing in return, dedicate their lives to us and forget themselves in the process, so lets do something special and show our mothers what they really mean to us.  

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