10 Reasons why we Believe that Morning Walks are Important

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If there is one thing common in all of today’s generation, it is slothfulness. Isn’t it? Night owls that we are, we dread waking up early in the morning by declaring proudly, “I am not a morning person”. Early mornings are the most hated part of our day and it is the time when our slumber actually begins. We loathe, abhor, resent and DENOUNCE mornings as if it were Hitler. However, let us shed some light on why you should be waking up early in the morning and going for a walk. We’re sure you’ll give up on every episode of G.O.T to make sure you sleep on time and wake up early for a walk after reading this list.

Here are 10 reasons why we believe that morning walks are important:

10. Reduce those love handles and tone your body.

Piqued by those love handles? Irritated of that belly that’s peeping out of your top? Well, losing this has a very easy solution: Walking! Walking helps increase the heart rate and burning down something that you’ll actually enjoy watching burn: your pesky calories. Experts report that walking is an easy way to lose weight without having to sacrifice on some of your favorite delicacies, if coupled with exercises. Researchers also conclude to have observed weight loss and increased muscle flexibility, in obese patients as a result of walking.

Moreover, walking serves another purpose. It not only helps you lose the bothersome mass of fat, but also helps you to tone down your body, giving you a sleek and slim look. Walking tones your legs, tummy and the muscles of your calves and buttocks, thus improving your overall physical appearance. So put on those shoes and go walking!

9. Abate the risk of diabetes.

Be the master of your body and curb diabetes by taking a brisk walk of 30 minutes every morning. Research proves that a half an hour walk in the morning can balance insulin in type 2 diabetes and also control blood sugar levels in your body. Morning walks help improve the Body Mass Index (BMI), burn calories and help the cells to absorb more glucose, which is very beneficial for the diabetics.

8. Shields you from Osteoporosis and Arthritis.

Being a sloth all the time comes with a price, it can lead to stiffness of the body, which may lead to the development of Osteoporosis or Arthritis in the long run. In order to prevent these disorders, it is essential to be physically active. According to research, walking for 5 days or more in a week can soothe pain stemming from arthritis or any other stiffness due to inactivity. Women are prone to Osteoporosis as they lose bone density, thus walking strengthens joints and improves bone density.

7. Keeps cholesterol levels under check and prevents Atherosclerosis.

Walking is an excellent way to keep those cholesterol levels under check. Our body requires only a certain amount of cholesterol to be healthy. The extremes, i.e. high levels of LDL or low levels of HDL can be bad for health. Thus, walking is proved to be a great exercise to balance the levels of cholesterol in our body.

Atherosclerosis is a disorder which results from excess deposition of LDL cholesterol on the walls of the arteries. This leads to blockage in brain, heart, legs and kidneys which does not allow the proper circulation of blood. However, morning walk is the savior of this condition, as it protects your from any kinds of blockage, thus allowing proper flow of blood.

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