Mysterio is known for creating illusions and tricking Spider-Man

Spiderman continues to maintain its streak of breaking box office records of maximum collections in USA and it is to be seen whether the same kind of collections would be collected from box office in India as well?

Even my son, who is such a big cricket fan and a budding cricket player has decided to go and watch SPIDERMAN:FAR FROM HOME along with his cricket club friends as he feels that he has to express his solidarity with Spiderman who has shown through the interview that he follows cricket closely and had betted for India to win.

We are quickly introduced to Mysterio, a villain who claims he is from another universe. I was excited to hear Mysterio reference Earth 616, which is the comic book universe in which the main story arcs take place. Almost every Marvel comic book movie that has been released since X-Men draws influence from the 616 universe. For a moment, Marvel and Mysterio lead you to believe that this multi-verse theory has a big impact on the story. In the film, Mysterio claims the main villains, the Elementals, destroyed the Earth in his universe, and now he has come to the 616 universe to save the day. As many fans assumed, this entire story is a lie.
Mysterio is known for creating illusions and tricking Spider-Man and the heroes, and that is exactly what he does here. Mysterio, real name Quentin Beck, is just a disgruntled Stark employee that was enraged when the deceased genius decided to name Peter Parker as his heir to a very powerful piece of technology. Mysterio uses drones to create the illusion of the Elementals to paint himself as a hero, and to manipulate Spider-Man into giving him access to the technology. While the plot twist was welcome, it wasn’t entirely unexpected. It is unfortunate that fans lose the multi-verse to the farce, but I will applaud Marvel for still being able to pull a fast one 11 years into the movie game.

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