It’s top stuff and it comes in the form of a list. 

Welcome to This is the place to be, if you are interested in learning about the most bizarre, entertaining, fascinating things to have hit our planet. Every day, we publish articles in any one of our categories with hopes that it would intrigue, educate, and interest our readers to become better global citizens of tomorrow.

Good research is always at the cornerstone of every article we write. Our goal in writing Top 10 articles is to estimate how much content our audience will be able to digest without going overboard. Before composing our articles, we go through the Google Keyword Tool and do a search of our main keyword (and a number of side keywords) and look at the number of people searching for our keyword every day. In doing so, we want to make sure we write articles that people are interested in reading.

How are we unique?

One of the biggest struggles for writers is the ability to publish unique content. With multitude of other blogs out there, it seems that every good topic has already been adequately covered. As writers, we take the time to plan out our articles to ensure that they are original, unique and not overtly covered by other sites. If the topic has already been covered by another site, we add a personal touch, rearrange our lists and make them as original as possible.

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