Top 10 Practices in Customer Behavior Segmentation

No two individuals or in this case customers are the same. However, there are certain groups of people/customers that may be very much alike. These customers may fall into the same category based on similar items they bought, how much they spent, the typical amount they purchased and so on.

Top 10 Weird Themed Places and Events

Being a man with a love for weird and wacky things I have come across some things which completely cross the line for being weird and wacky. The worst part is, some of these aren’t even trying to be weird and wacky!

Top 10 Most Irritating Habits At Work

If you think that convenience and the ability to organize your time as you see fit constitute the main reasons why people prefer working from home rather than spending 9 to 5 in office settings, think again. The truth is that many of us give up the office life because of the irritating routine of our coworkers.

Top 10 Most Sustainable Companies In The World

Businesses have shifted their focus from tackling individual issues to the systematic integration of sustainable conduct into business operations and management systems. It is thus more important to understand the role of the company and their behaviour in a wider context.

Top 10 Reasons Why The “Apple” Is Rotten

Apple is an American multinational corporation that specializes in consumer electronics, computer software and personal computers. It is best known for hardware products such as MacIntosh, iPod, iPhone and the iPad. In over 10 countries, the company has 357 stores. It also has one of the largest online stores worldwide.

Top 10 Tips to Help You Start Off Your Business

If you’re thinking about starting a business, then you will need to have a variety of structures in place in order to get the best start possible. Many people catch the entrepreneurial bug at some point in...

Top 10 Major Company Shut Downs

The following is a list of major company shutdowns due to inappropriate behaviour and questionable actions. Raise your hand if you recognize one or two,

Top 10 Ruthless Billionaires

What makes a ruthless billionaire ruthless? Well let’s take a look of who is ruthless. What did they do to make it on the list? Let’s see who else qualifies for this list. In fact, let’s compare and see who is worse.