Top 10 Most Jeopardous Driving Habits To Avoid

If you break all traffic rules and you expect the other cars to avert a collision, what guarantee do you have that all the other drivers have keen reflexes? But what exactly are the most dangerous behaviors behind the wheel nowadays?

Top 10 Coolest Sci-Fi Gadgets That Should Be Invented

The brilliant imagination of science fiction writers and movie producers always leaves us hoping that the devices and gadgets presented in books and Hollywood productions became a reality. Some of these tools would have numerous practical applications while other would, well, just be cool to have.

Top 10 Chinese Inventions

Without the advancements made by the ancient Chinese, technology and culture would have taken countless more centuries to develop to their current stage. Therefore, let's find out more about the influential inventions "made in China".

Top 10 Military Technologies That Changed History

War tactics have constantly changed throughout history when various factions brought new 'toys' to the game and this list will present what I consider to be the tools that brought about major paradigm shifts in terms of battle.

Top 10 Newest Technologies Implemented In Cell Phones

The latest mobile phones feature a variety of services and latest technologies that enable its users interact with the world-wide community. These latest technologies enable users to access the internet and transfer large data files at great speeds in addition to place location using the GPS (Global Positioning Systems) gadgets.