Top 10 lists. Whether you love them or hate them, one thing is clear: they’re definitely here to stay. You see them; you click on them, and let’s be honest: you read them, too. Everything just seems sweeter when it’s turned into a top 10 post. Given that there are so many great benefits of a top 10 post, why not create one of your own?

Here’s how it works: everything starts with the top 10 list posts themselves. Your top 10 list post can be about anything as long as it’s unique. If you want to compile a set of videos to make your top 10 post, you can do that too – who doesn’t like a good list of videos to check out? Maybe you’ll be able to make your YouTube addiction actually pay off!

The Rules for the Top Ten List Submissions


1. Keep it Unique!

2. English, please!

3. Have Fun!

Write a Top 10 List and Submit via form below! — Make sure that you really take your time to create something interesting. By submitting your list, you agree that Top 10 List has the full right to publish your list and that you are the author of this list. You do not have to submit relevant graphics but if you do please make sure that no copyrights are infringed.






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