Top 10 Most Dangerous Animals on Earth

Here you will find a collection of animals that are wild and hardwired for survival by hunting its prey, and what if the God had made some of them one of the most adorable, deceptively cute and cuddly creatures they are one of the deadliest and dangerous animals on the planet.

Top 10 Greatest Fights between Animals and Humans

This article was written for two main reasons. I personally had to endure a war between myself and an animal. A decade ago, I fought a bull dog for 30 minutes, trying to distract it. I would not be in one piece if it were not for a neighbor and a driver who helped me get rid of the problem, yet in the wrong way.

Top 10 Animals With The Most Legs

Animals, including insects are unique. They standout for the number of legs they exhibit. I cannot imagine having more than 100 legs. Can you imagine what you could do? Let’s take a glimpse in the life of those with multiple legs.