Top 10 Most Dangerous Cosmetic Items

Women especially have the craze to look their best when they step out of their homes. There are a lot of reasons why women do that, like wooing men, making other women jealous or just for their own happiness.

Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities in the World

Not all places are safe around us. Due to unemployment, poverty, drug trafficking, inefficient law enforcement, terrorism, some places have become dangerous. Here is the list of most dangerous cites in the world.

Top 10 Dangerous Cities

The list is here based on recent crime rates and economic reviews by some of the leading news journals, will surely be enough to send shivers down your spines. So while you plan to go somewhere for adventure, let’s look at where NOT to go.

Top 10 Most Dangerous Animals on Earth

Here you will find a collection of animals that are wild and hardwired for survival by hunting its prey, and what if the God had made some of them one of the most adorable, deceptively cute and cuddly creatures they are one of the deadliest and dangerous animals on the planet.

Top 10 Dangerous Food Additives To Stay Clear Of

Although they are generically dubbed as additives and their role is to enhance the taste and nutritional value of your food, new studies show that they do more harm than good. In spite of the fact that the public is becoming more aware of the dangers of food additives, the truth is that the manufacturers are always one step ahead of them.

Top 10 Most Dangerous Countries in 2013

As the people in those countries live in constant fear and are highly concerned about their safety, travelers are strongly advised not to travel there for the time being. Let's review the most dangerous countries you definitely don't want to be visiting in 2012.