Top 10 Rainiest Places on Earth

In this planet, many places become a heaven to love. Just because of heavy rains and a cup of coffee. Nature has developed many rain forests due to this which houses many unique pieces of the animal kingdom.

Top 10 Hypotheses About The Earth’s Future

Most people prefer to see the future in a positive light and some of them even dare to dream about prospect accomplishments that will solve the world's current problems once and for all. So, what will be world be like in the future?

Top 10 Most Guarded Places On Earth

There are those of us who are overcautious and who will do anything in their power to ensure their personal safety. In this category we can include military bases, intelligence centers and other facilities that are essential for mankind's survival. Following is a top 10 list of the most guarded places on Earth.

Top 10 Weirdest Places on Earth

There are a number of places that should be visited. These are exquisite, hardly found in other parts of the world. They are also weird as many historians and geologists still do not understand the origins of these places. If you ever have the chance, go visit these places and experience the diversity of the earth we are living on.