Top 10 Fascinating Developments in Whistleblowing

Many countries are not safe for honest employees. Employers still call the shots when it comes to disciplining. Many employees also risk their jobs to protect the economy. They have taken drastic steps to ensure that scams and money laundering would not be tolerated. This article examines the true facts behind the people.

Top 10 Fascinating Cases Of Food Tampering

Food tampering is a crime that serves time. Throughout history, some of the dumbest criminals thought of getting away with it. When caught, they faced up to 20 years in jail.

Top 10 Fascinating Cases of Theft

Theft can be defined as an illegal taking of another person’s property. The crime is synonymous with embezzlement, robbery, looting, burglary and larceny. Here are just 10 fascinating cases where thieves done things that were out of the ordinary.