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Top 10 Reasons to Have Sex Daily

This article examines the many added benefits of having sex on a daily basis. As a popular phrases says it, sex is the best medicine, and they are...
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Top 10 Fridge Food Budget Basics

What do you think a 'healthy snack' would be? If you are a college student, you often have to eat cheap food in order not to run out of cash in the middle of the month. The problem is that almost everything cheap isn't really healthy. However, there is still some hope. Learn the top 10 foods which are cheap, easy to prepare but still cheap.
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Top 10 Best Foods

As a continual of the Top 10 Worst Foods, here you have the best 10 choices for a healthy meal. Try these suggestions and you'll see you will feel...

Top 10 Steps to Having a Healthier Halloween

Healthier students are undoubtedly better learners. Recent research provides strong evidence for the causal role that educationally relevant health disparities play in the educational achievement gap that plagues urban minority youth. This is why reducing these health differences is a fundamental part of school reform. Support your school’s efforts by taking these 10 steps to a having healthier Halloween.