Top 10 Things that Can Kill a Relationship

There are a number of things that can bring undesirable changes to your relation that generally go unnoticed by you. Following are certain common things that you think as least important but they can kill your relationship.

Top 10 Reasons Not To Kill Your Boss

How many of us have been angry at our bosses? How many of us wanted to choke our bosses when they did something we awfully hated? Murder is not the key and here are the reasons why.

Top 10 Teenagers that Murdered Their Parents

Nothing is more shocking than a child killing a parent or even a step parent. There are no stereotypes to fit a teenage murderer. Many of the teenagers look innocent and you would never think they were responsible for the most horrid events.

Top 10 Teenage Murderers

Many parents increasingly wonder if they are raising future serial killer with growing gun incidents in schools and mounting murder cases committed by teenagers and preteens. They try to assess their own parenting skills to get to the crux of their children’s problems and anger.