Top 10 Embarrassing Moments of George Costanza

George Louis Costanza is my favourte fictional character on the United States-based television sitcom, Seinfeld (1989-1998), and was played by by the famous Jason Alexander (not to be confused with the guy who married Britney Spears).

Top 10 Best Dining Out Moments

Food lovers and restaurant patrons go out to eat not only for the amazing food (and night off from cooking) but for the unique experience that dining out provides. Dining out moments run a gamut as wide as the many different types of food eateries, but take a look at the top ten.

Toronto Blue Jays’ Top 10 Most Noteworthy Moments

Toronto Blue Jays have had their share of momentous and noteworthy moments. Many of them are bitter-sweet, others are moments we still celebrate to this day. As such here are Toronto Blue Jays’ Top 10 Most Noteworthy Moments.