Top 10 Things Your Parents Do That Might Hurt You

Sometimes parents are so over possessive or protective that they end up hurting you. It is not intentional on their part but things turn up in such a way that you are the ones getting hurt. These things might affect you abruptly.

Top 10 Erroneous Beliefs Taught By Our Parents

From the start, it is necessary to point out that most of the myths that will be presented in the following article are mainly enforced by parents to protect their children from the potentially dangerous consequences of the activities.

Top 10 Science And Math Questions Parents Fear To Answer

Many parents stumble when asked math and science questions by their children. They are unsure of the answers. This articles looks at 10 questions many parents fear to answer. It also examines how parents can approach to answer the tough questions.

Top 10 Teenagers that Murdered Their Parents

Nothing is more shocking than a child killing a parent or even a step parent. There are no stereotypes to fit a teenage murderer. Many of the teenagers look innocent and you would never think they were responsible for the most horrid events.