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Top 10 Powerful Groups that Dictate of the World

Most of the groups/corporations listed in this top 10 list have a very poor track record and tend to be infamous for their exploitation of government powers. These corporations/groups have multi-billion dollar annual profits, enabling them to get away with the worst of crimes - especially in the case of Mexico and Drug Cartel warlord.
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Top 10 Lew Rockwell Books

Lew Rockwell is a libertarian writer, activist, and founder of the Ludwig von Mises Institute, which he once was President of. He's contributed...
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Top 10 Failed States (2012)

Last year we posted an article titled Top 10 Failed States (2011). The article highlighted Top 10 countries that were identified by Foreign Policy Magazine’s Fund for Peace index as failed states on the alert or worsening failed states. The list combined the two and examined countries that were in need of our attention.This year, we compare and contrast the list and see where there has been improvement. In many cases there were slight improvements. In others, things look bleak.

Top 10 Most Hated Hidden Agendas

What we see in the media is one side of the story many politicians purport. They always have an alternative motive to doing what they do. Here are just 10 examples the Republican Party may or may not have been honest 100%. The views are not of the website and the author,

Top 10 Most Memorable Politicians

What is unconventional? Unconventional can be defined as different, doing something that has never been done before. They do not conform to what has been done and do not conform to rules and conventions. Politicians throughout history have done as such. Here are just 10 of them.

Top 10 21st Century Political Science Scholars in Canada

Canadians have contributed to the scholarly world, many 21st exemplary political scientists. Many scholars on this top 10 list have revolutionized literature paving way for greater debates. Many of them are visiting scholars in universities around the world and are recognized as the best in the fields.