Top 10 Most Popular Gun Magazines

Listed below are the names of 10 most popular gun magazines that can ultimately keep a gun enthusiast updated with regards to guns.

Top 10 Popular Predictions About Doomsday

Considering that we're currently in 2012, a year which most doomsday prophets have associated to the end of days, we thought it was a good idea to review the apocalyptic theories involving this moment as well as the ones further in the future.

Top 10 Most Popular Vodka Cocktail Mixers

Vodka is one of the most universal spirit drinks. You can mix it with just about anything. However, everything has its own tastes and limits, so this is why I’ve compiled a list of 10 most popular vodka cocktail mixers.

Top 10 Most Popular Sports Websites

Sports is a hugely popular online category across the world with billions of people visiting a sports website every year. People mostly enjoy...

Top 10 Popular Urban Legends

From a broad perspective, urban legends express a modern form of mythology and folklore with strong roots in the natural human fear of the unknown. Even though most people are aware of the fictional nature of the stories, some of these urban myths enjoy an astounding amount of credibility.

Top 10 Reasons why Google+ is Popular

100 million users are expected to utilize Google+ by February of 2012. By the end of 2012, Paul Allen, founder, sees 400 million users using the application by the end of 2012. So what is it about Google+ that is sparking so much attention? This article takes a look at 10 reasons why Google plus is gaining popularity and momentum.

Top 10 Popular Frozen Foods

There has been a growing trend over the past couple of years towards buying frozen food products by consumers. Some of the reasons for this is that the quality and variety of frozen foods has improved vastly.