Top 10 Dumbest Sports Injuries

Sprains, minor fractures, damage to the skin and ligaments are way too common among the practicing and frolicking sportspersons and can affect their careers quite adversely, and even result into huge monetary losses for them.

Top 10 Olympic Sports You Didn’t Know Existed

The wide world of sports at the Olympics is a lot stranger than you think it is. Shooting , swimming , tennis etc are the sports that come to our minds when we think about Olympics but you will be astonished to see how some weird, super weird sports found their place in some Olympics or the other.

Top 10 Sports That Should Be Banned

The following list identifies sports that are dangerous, inhumane and unnecessary - even for entertainment purposes. You should not attempt these stunts, unless you are willing to risk your life or a couple of limbs.

Top 10 Most Popular Sports Websites

Sports is a hugely popular online category across the world with billions of people visiting a sports website every year. People mostly enjoy...

Top 10 Ways Violence And Aggression Is Rewarded In Sports

Buried, stuffed, walloped! Do you recognize these words anywhere? You may here a football commentator stating these words when there is a fight. In fact, many sports commentators would replay the scenes and enthusiastically describe the scenes over and over again.