Top 10 Illuminati Conspiracy Theories

Let us consider some of the most popular incidents that are supposed to be Illuminati Conspiracies. While some of them sound plain crazy, some of them however carry a mad tad of credibility.

Top 10 Silly Conspiracy Theories

The appeal of conspiracy theories is not that strange if you think about. People see patterns everywhere and hence, want to connect the dots of random events. In addition, it is rather simple to do so if the conspiracy is presented along with clear evidence of things that people already believe is true. However, supporting the authenticity of these patterns has certain limits that once broken can easily enter the realm of ridiculousness. Let's explore the top 10 silliest conspiracy theories people accept as true nowadays.

Top 10 Armageddon Predictions

Scientists have believed for centuries that doomsday will once come. With growing environmental and political problems, many argue that this day is near. Many films have broadcast this theme and have impacted our sense of belief. Here are 10 Armageddon predictions we’ve come to understand.