Top 10 Things People Bring To Weddings

Do you not hate it when people forget their manners at the wedding? How many of us are annoyed with guests who do not know the customary rules? This article focuses on the things people bring to weddings that tick-off wedding parties. If you go to a wedding, do not do the following things:

Top 10 Things To Do On Rainy Days

Many wonder what they could do on a rainy day. Despite misconceptions, people could achieve a lot of things on a rainy day. Children will not get bored from singing “Rain, rains go away, come again another day”. In fact they will love being in doors with the following top 10 activities to do with you when stuck in doors.

Top 10 Things People Carry Around

Have you ever wondered what people carry around with them? If ever asked, many would simply respond with the following items wallet, keys and driver’s license. Even though they are correct, you’d be still surprised how many individuals carry with them non-essential and non-urgent items in their purses, pockets or bags.

Top 10 Crazy Things People Do In An Elevator

An elevator ride serves as a transition point for some using it every day. There are various important tasks that could be completed before entering a room or office. If bored or worried, elevator users also complete quiet and relaxing activities to pass the time. Others do annoying things which irritate others around them.