Top 10 Awkward Places to Lose Wedding Rings

Recent stories of miraculous findings inspired me to write this article. People have lost rings that are over $1000 and are of great sentiments. They would move heaven and earth to find the lost ring as if it was a Lord of the Rings movie.

Top 10 Worst Products Sold By Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons is one of the most popular places to go in Canada to get coffee. It has the good and the bad, which sometimes angers customers. Here is the list of the bad. I worked in Tim Hortons for 7 years. I’ve seen it all and tasted it all.

Top 10 March Events

March is a glorious and painstaking month. It is a month many women celebrate internationally (March 8). Here is a list of 10 other events which occur in March.

Top 10 Things Forbidden To Do On Yom Kippur

Yom Kippur is a day of atonement in the Jewish religion. It is also known as the holiest day for Jews. There are two major themes which the Jewish people practice on this day: atonement and repentance.

Top 10 Worst Thanksgiving Dishes

When planning thanksgiving try not to add the following dishes. These dishes are not things people would want to eat. Try eating it yourself before serving and you will know what I mean.

Top 10 Countries to Ban Cell Phone Use While Driving

This list examines the first countries to have banned cell phone usage while driving. When using a hand-held cell phone, drivers remove one hand from the steering wheel to answer their phones. They also take their eyes off the road to pick up and/or search for the phone and to dial a number. This all happens while the driver is operating the vehicle and watching the roads.

Top 10 Bizarre Reasons to Call in Sick

Many times when employees call in sick, they actually are not. There are other underlying reasons which prevent employees from going to work. This article examines just 10 reasons, using survey results compiled on the subject.

Top 10 Cars People Should Not Drive

People love buying new and used cars and collecting them - it's their passion, their past-time and also their hobby. Most drivers are surprised and unaware of the risks many of their favorite car model pose to their health and liveliness.