Top 10 Cannibals Who Got Away With Murder

Cannibals are sadistic murderers who not only kill innocent people, but eat their flesh as well. Some of these individuals have evaded justice. This article sets to examine the cases further.

Top 10 Unusual Questions In Sex Ed Classes

Sex Ed classes are most popular in schools. It is here that many students begin to understand the meaning of sex and conception. Students and adolescents are intuitive. They explore things and desire to know the answers.

Top 10 Stars Who Wear Wigs

The list looks at celebrities who wear wigs, extensions and weaves. If you deny the validity of this article, zoom in closely at each celebrity photo and you will know what I mean.

Top 10 February Events

February is famous mostly for being the shortest month of the year. Of the 28/29 days of the month, most people remember February 14, Valentine’s Day. There are other events which are as significant. Here are the top 10 events which occurred during the month of February. After reading this article, you will understand how February is a historical month; full of eventful occurrences throughout history.

Top 10 Revolutions of 21st Century

Revolutions have been transforming our world for the past decade or so. Social and Political movements have created a distinct epoch and left a mark which paved way for significant changes.